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Professional Hindley Cockroach Control to Completely Eradicate Cockroaches

Spotting a cockroach in your home can be a disturbing experience and the truth of the matter is that seeing one in plain sight will likely mean there are more hidden out of view. It can, therefore, be difficult to get rid of the pest once it becomes established and rather than trying to tackle the problem yourself, it is more sensible to opt for a professional Hindley cockroach control solution that will get rid of them for good. This is a service that Young’s Pest Control offers and we can tackle any size of the job.

Cockroach Species

The first step in deciding on a suitable cockroach treatment is to actually identify the species. There are a few that can survive in the UK and these include the following.

  • German CockroachGerman: These typically grow to a size of around 12 to 15mm, are brown in colour, and while they have wings they are more likely to be spotted running than flying.
  • Oriental: These are larger in size and can grow to between 20 and 30mm. They are darker in colour and this can vary from dark brown to black.
  • American: The adults of the species also grow to around 20 to 30mm in length. They have a reddish-brown body with lighter yellow areas.

Cockroach Signs

There are a few signs that mean it is time to bring in Hindley cockroach control. The insect is nocturnal, so actually seeing one is likely to happen at night when a light is switched on. The young of the insect shed their skin as they mature and seeing these is a sign that the problem is getting worse. In larger numbers, they can also give off an unpleasant, musty smell that will linger around the places they hide.

Professional Help

Dead cockroachesYoung’s Pest Control has trained professionals that can check the property for signs of cockroaches and identify the species. They also have the experience to track down likely hiding places and this allows them to accurately target Hindley cockroach control measures to take care of eggs, young, and adult insects. This provides a long-term cockroach treatment that will rid the property of the pests.

Cockroaches can cause health problems for people if they become established in a property, especially if they are present in sufficient numbers. This means that hiring Hindley cockroach control as early as possible is a common sense approach. Young’s Pest Control offers this to property owners, who can take advantage of it by simply giving us a call.