Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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The Specialists In Hindley BumbleBee Control

Young's pest control are the specialists in Hindley bumblebee control for both commercial and residential customers. Young's pest control aims to give our customers a fast and trusted service that guarantees the result they looking for. We ensure that our technicians maintain a low profile and are discrete using only unbranded vehicles.

Skilled Hindley BumbleBee Removal Technicians

Young's pest control employs a team of Hindley bumblebee control technicians who have been trained specifically in removing bumblebee colonies. Young's pest control professionals use a bumblebee removal treatment that is safe for home and business premises.

Working To The Highest Possible Safety Standards

Our technicians have been trained to the highest safety standards and usefully personal protective equipment throughout the Hindley bumblebee control process. Young's pest control can offer same-day appointments and can visit your property even if you are not at home.

The Danger Posed By Agitating BumbleBee Nests

The danger of disturbing a bumble bee nest should not be underestimated. While bumblebees are generally fairly docile species if aggravated they can be dangerous. Since 2001, tree bumblebees have come to occupy many suburban properties throughout the United Kingdom. These tree bumble bees will often set up their nest close to the primary residence. Not only will tree bumblebees swarm around their nest they will also attack if agitated. The tree bumblebee can sting multiple times due to its non-barbed stinger. The sting from the tree bumblebee is painful, with some people reporting that it is more painful than the sting from either a wasp or honey bee.

Guaranteed BumbleBee Nest Removal Results

Bumble Bee on flowerWhen our Hindley bumblebee control technicians visit your property they will be able to identify the exact source of your bumblebee infestation. In the unlikely event that the infestation is not completely removed on the first visit, Young's pest control will provide a second bumblebee nest treatment for free. You can be confident when you use our Hindley bumblebee control technicians that your bumble bee nest will be gone for good.

Hindley BumbleBee Control Available Seven Days A Week

Young's pest control provides Hindley bumblebee control services seven days a week. Call one of our friendly customer representatives today to have Young's pest control technician visit your property and remove your bumblebee nest.