Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Higher Green Bumblebee Hive Removal   

A bumblebee nest in your garden might be a seriousHigher Green Broughton Bumblebee Nest Removal risk to you and your family. It is unsightly, and it can also be dangerous. Bumblebees have the ability to sting, and if small children or dogs come into contact with them, they could get stung, and they will not only sting. However, they can do this multiple times and not die, so the consequences could be fatal if a whole hive of a few hundred attacks you. Anyone in your household suffering from allergies to bee venom will cause your throat to swell. In addition, your air passage to close makes it difficult to breathe, and other common symptoms include redness, swelling, burning and itching.

In these circumstances, it is important to hire experts like Higher Green Bumblebee Nest Removal Services Near Me for help in removing the nest from the garden. They are capable of doing this without causing harm. In addition, a professional exterminator can safely remove the bumblebee nest, preventing them from injuring your family.

Furthermore, bumblebee nests may hold parasites. Because they tend to nest in hidden locations, it may be hard to track down because they nest in many places. However, their favourite is crevices behind fascia boards and home insulation, cracks in the walls, sheds, and trees or gardens. We have helped you along by providing a few descriptions to help you understand and minimize exposure to bee stings.

The Large garden bumblebee is a large, furry bumblebee that can be black, yellow, or both black and yellow. These are the most common type of bumblebee in the UK and live in gardens and meadows. These bees nest in the ground, often using an old rodent hole or bird's nest. They usually sting if they feel threatened, but they are not as aggressive as honeybees. Bumblebees have around 50-200 bees, but some settlements have been known to reach up to 1000 bees.

Higher Green Broughton Bumblebee Nest RemovalThe Gypsy cuckoo bee (Bombus bohemicus) is a small, dark bumblebee found in Europe and North America. These bees are mostly black or dark brown, with yellow markings on their thorax. They typically sting only if directly threatened. These bees are social but will only have a nest of not more than 150. GYPSY CUCKOO BEE FACTS

- Size: 9 - 13 mm

- Color: mainly black or dark brown with some yellow markings on their thorax

- Diet: nectar and pollen from a variety of flowers

The Shrill carder bee (Bombus sylvarum ), also known as the Common Carder Bee, is a species of bumblebee found in Europe and North America. It is about 15-17mm long, has black and yellow fur, and nests in both underground and aerial locations. These bees sting only if provoked, and colonies typically contain around 100-400 individuals. Shrill carder bees are essential pollinators of many plant species, including tomatoes, raspberries, apples, and sunflowers.

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