Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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High Lane Bumblebee Hive Removal    

There is nothing unusual about discovering a nest ofHigh Lane Bumblebee Nest Removal bumblebees in your home. As there are so many bees swarming around, they are relatively simple to find. While these nests may be found all over the place, specific hazards come with them. First and foremost, if you have little children or pets, they could be stung by the bees. Second, the bees may become hostile and sting passers-by if the nest is disturbed.

Last but not least, suppose you have an infestation of bumblebees on your property. To get help, contact a professional High Lane Bumblebee Nest Removal service near me. Our exterminator ensures that the nest is safely removed from your property and that everyone is safe!

These pesky critters are known to nest in many places across your property. However, their preferred locations include compost bins between the decking, crevices, bird boxes, and fascia boards. When you notice a nest, it's best to not interfere for the reasons listed above. Therefore, we have incorporated a few common types of bumblebees in England.

The Common carder bumblebee is a medium-sized bee that is typically black and yellow. Social bees, they High Lane Bumblebee Nest Removallive in colonies containing between 400 individuals. These bees nest in the ground, under stones, or in logs. They typically sting when they are threatened, but their stings are not particularly painful. The Common carder bumblebee is an important pollinator of many flowering plants.

 Early bees, also known as Bombus pratorum, are a species of bumblebee that is approximately 12-13 mm long. They are black and yellow in colour and have a fuzzy appearance. Early bees nest in the ground, typically under dense vegetation or stones. They usually sting if they feel threatened, but they are not as aggressive as some other species of bumblebees. Early bees typically live in colonies of around 50 to 200 bees.

The Shrill carder bee (Bombus sylvarum) is a small, black and yellow bee that is around 12-15 mm in length. They are often mistaken for the honeybee but can be distinguished by their lack of a beard and the presence of scales on their thorax. Their nests are made of plant down, which they line with their own fur. These bees are social and will form colonies of up to 100 individuals. They live throughout the UK and Europe and can be found in meadows, gardens and parks.

Shrill carder bees are not aggressive and will only sting if provoked. However, the sting is painful and can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

It is crucial you contact the experts if you have an issue with bees. Many people try their DIY remedies and end up regretting it later on when they can't get rid of bumblebees themselves or find out there's a bigger problem than just bee removal. When in doubt, contact our team for help!High Lane Bumblebee Nest Removal High Lane Bumblebee Nest Removal near me offers affordable rates for all services we provide and will never make false promises about what we won't do - giving you confidence that your home or business will be free from unwanted pests. Contact High Lane Bumblebee Hive Removal today at 0161 776 9843. One of our representatives can answer any questions you may have!