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Professional Heywood Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm is the larvae of beetles that eat into the wood. They consume the wood and weaken it during the larvae stage. Though these woodworms leave the wood after they mature into adults, it only leads to further erosion of the wood since they leave gaping holes as they worm their way out.

It can sometimes spend years burrowing into the wood and making it rotten before anyone even recognises its presence, leave alone making provisions for the treatment for woodworm removal. But it can nevertheless be recognised if you keep a strong lookout. Woodworm beetles are very prolific and can be found almost everywhere in the UK.

Basic facts about woodworm

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-upting-> There are many different types of woodworm beetles. The most common types of woodworm beetles found in the UK are the Death Watch Beetle, Common Furniture Beetle, House Longhorn Beetle and Powder Post Beetle.

-> Woodworm larvae typically eat into the wood for sustenance and can hollow down the wood over a period of time. They can infest all kinds of wooden objects such as furniture, timber, wooden floorboards and wooden beams. The more wood you have around the house, the more danger there is of a woodworm infestation.

-> Woodworm beetles breed on a seasonal basis, usually from May to October.

-> The larvae spend around three to four years of their lives, burrowed in the wood. Once they grow into adults, they eat their way out of the wood.

How to recognise woodworm infestation

-> Check the wood in your home carefully and note if there are small round holes in it. If yes, you have woodworm!

-> Fine dust around these holes showing that the woodworm had eaten its way out.

-> Damage to the wooden boards and furniture, shown by crumbly edges.

-> Actually sighting adult beetles that may freely roam around the house. If this happens, it is time to take precautions even if the wood does not show any sort of damage. The damage might be deep within.

-> Check for dry rot. It often goes along with woodworm.

Prevention measures

Woodworm larvae-> Try to protect the wooden items from high moisture levels.

-> Remove wooden items that are already infested to avoid its spreading.

-> Use Heywood woodworm treatment spray and ointment for woodworm removal, treatment of furniture and timber.

-> Kill or remove adult beetles to prevent them from laying eggs and starting the cycle all over again.

Call in experts since the extent of damage can only be assessed once the type of woodworm beetle is identified. Professional Heywood woodworm treatment services can handle prevention much better and do it in a more detailed manner.

Our experts are well trained in treatment for woodworm. While woodworm can be temporarily handled by using Heywood woodworm treatment spray and other measures, it can only be completely removed by professionals who have the experience and the tools for the Heywood woodworm treatment on furniture, boards, timber, floorboards, etc.