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Specialist Heywood Mole Trapping Services

What Dangers do Moles Pose?

At Young’s Pest Control, we will help you do Heywood mole trapping and control if you have a mole problem. We recommend that you call us the moment you notice a mole problem because of the many dangers moles pose.

Mole in a molehill1) Moles tolerate higher carbon dioxide levels compared to other mammals, allowing them to survive in underground burrows. This is because they have a special haemoglobin protein that allows them to reuse oxygen. We recommend Heywood mole trapping because although moles do not cause direct damage to roots (they are insectivorous), they make shallow tunnels and by doing so leave plant roots susceptible to drying out. Roots require moisture to survive. This disturbance of the roots also kills plants because it makes them unstable and they could simply fall over.

2) Do mole pest control because the runways moles create could be used by such rodents as mice. Rodents could eat seeds, roots, and bulbs and damage plants.

3) Moles create molehills when they build their tunnels. These molehills are not only unsightly on your yard, but they also prevent you from enjoying outdoor activities. Most people are squeamish about moles and this makes it hard to hold an event outdoor if you have a mole infestation.

4) If you have a farm, get rid of moles because they could contaminate your silage. Soil-filled silage is unpalatable. You should also do Heywood mole trapping and control because it reduces the yield and size of pasture by covering it with soil. When moles dig and expose pasture, this increases the risk of weed invasion.

5) Moles expose stones when they dig their tunnels. These exposed stones pose a danger to agricultural machinery.

6) Moles are dangerous because they damage to water courses and drainage systems.

Full size mole7) Although not common, moles can spread diseases and infections that are commonly spread by rodents like rats and mice. As an example, they could carry fleas that could spread diseases in pets and humans.

There are several mole control methods, but we recommend Heywood mole trapping because it does not involve the use of insecticides that could be harmful to the environment.

Given that moles spend most of their time underground, getting rid of them can be difficult if you do not have the necessary training and experience. At Young’s Pest Control, our team has not only the necessary training and experience, but also the tools, supplies, and personal protective equipment necessary for the job.