Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Heywood BumbleBee Control Specialists

Bumble Bee on flowerEveryone wants their home and garden to be a safe environment for themselves and their family. There are a few things that can affect this though and during the spring and summer months, a bumblebee colony can be a hazard that needs to be dealt with. These insects can be protective of their home and their stingers are capable of inflicting a painful injury. This can be a concern, especially for those with curious children and pets. Professional Heywood bumble bee control by Young’s Pest Control is an affordable and effective option to have this hazard taken care of.

Nesting Sites

There are many locations around a home that can prove attractive to a bumblebee queen when it comes to nesting sites and to a large extent it will depend on the species. Some prefer a dry burrow underground or a dark corner under a building such as a shed, with the buff tail being an example of this. Others prefer to be above ground, with tree bumblebee nesting in the hollows of trees. All species can be aggressive if their nest is disturbed or interfered with. It is, therefore, best to avoid them and call in Heywood bumble bee control specialists.


A particular hazard of tree bumblebees, buff tail bumblebees, and other bumblebee species is that they have an un-barbed stinger that does not break off when used. This means that a single bumblebee can inflict multiple stings and should they attack in numbers it can have serious consequences. The danger this poses should not be underestimated and having a nest removed from around a property is the sensible course of action.

Professional Heywood BumbleBee Control
Bumble Bee

To avoid the danger of an attack and stings, a Heywood bumblebee removal is best left to professional pest control experts. Young’s Pest Control has trained workers that can safely undertake the job of removing a nest so that a householder does not need to take the risk of doing it themselves.

Making Contact

It is easy to contact us through phone and email to organise Heywood bumblebee control. If you need this done in a hurry you can use our same day treatment service, otherwise, get in touch to discuss the problem and we will provide details of how we can help. All work is fixed price and guaranteed.