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24-Hours Heyside Rat Control Treatment 

Once you get evidence of a rat infestation inHeyside Rat Control Treatment  your home, you must get rid of this issue as swiftly as possible. However, Heyside rats can cause massive damage to your property, leading to an increase in the maintenance cost. Instead, you should hire the services of 24-Hour Professional Pest Control Rats and let them perform Rat Control Treatments and Removal services as you relax.

 How to Identify the Type of Heyside Rat that you are dealing with:

 Norway Rats 

 Norway rats are giant and bulked up. Their head and body length can reach up to 28cm long. Their tail is slightly shorter than the length of their body. With blunt snouts, Norway rats are grey on the underside and have bristly brown fur with black hairs at the top of their body. Their ears and eyes are hairless. They have poor vision and are colourblind. They are not agile climbers like the roof rats but can run, swim, and jump. They are omnivorous and will eat everything that humans discard.

 Roof Rats

 Roof rats are smaller than Norway rats. Adult roof rats weigh about 5-10 ounces. Heyside Rat Control Treatment Their tails are longer than the rest of their body. The underside of the roof rat's body is grey-white, and the rest of their body is dark-coloured. The roof rat has a pointed muzzle and a streamlined and sleek body. Roof rats are omnivorous and will feed on different vegetation such as grains, fruits, and groceries. They also love to eat insects. Unfortunately, they destroy so much food by contaminating them with faeces and urine than from consumption.

 Signs of Rat Infestation

 Spotting Live Rats: Rats are nocturnal creatures. Unless disturbed by a Heyside rat exterminator from their hideout, you will never see them during the day. They are more active during the night. 

 Burrows or Nests: Rats can dig extensive burrows for nesting or food storage. When you see holes in the ground or rat nests in attics, trees, shredded paper, string, and other materials to build their nest, know that you have a rat infestation.

 Squeaking sounds: Rats produce scurrying and squeaking sounds and scratch the walls, plus other noises from their nest.

 Unusual Pet Behaviour: Pets act unusual when they hear or smell rats in the house. They may become extremely alert, bark, or paw at spaces beneath the rat's hideout.

 Gnaw Marks: Heyside rats are agileHeyside Rat Control Treatment  climbers and have strong teeth. That's why they like chewing on stuff like wood, plastic, metals, soft concrete, electrical wiring, ducts, and other materials. Chewing helps their teeth to chisel down. So if you spot gnaw marks on these materials, there is evidence of Heyside rat infestation.

 Rub Marks: Rats are known to use established locations to move from one place to another. They stay close to vertical surfaces because vertical surfaces assist them in navigating at night due to their poor eyesight. Their oily fur deposit on the wall corners, edges, or the holes they use to enter the house, leaving streaks on surfaces.

 Droppings: Rats are known to produce faeces that concentrate in specific locations. The presence of their faecal droppings is a surefire way to know there is an infestation. Rat droppings are spindle shaped-like a grain of rice.

 Footprints: Rats leave foot and tail marks in dusty places or less-used areas of buildings. `

 Foul Odour: You may detect a stale smell coming from their hideout. Rat's urine has a strong musky odour.


 A qualified 24-Hour Professional Rat Company will do a thorough home inspection to determine the type of rat in your house. A Heyside rat exterminator will assess the kind of rodent, whether it is a Norway or roof rat. How severe the rat problem is, their hideout, diet, and route of movement. These Rat Control Treatments and Removal Service companies will also determine the leading cause of the rat infestation, whether it is poor sanitation, available food, or water.

Heyside Rat Control Treatment  Search Heyside rat catcher near me. You will get 24-Hour Professional Pest Control Rats committed to fixing the problem promptly. So if you've heard a scurrying sound in your attic or seen a little rat run across your kitchen, search for a Heyside Rat Catcher Near Me in your directory and call a Heyside Rat Exterminator to receive top quality treatment.