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Hazel Grove Woodworm Treatment Specialists

Woodworm, as the name suggests is an unwelcome pest that can attack any timber in your property.

Woodworm larvaeWoodworm doesn't carry disease or cause any health hazard to humans but it can cause considerable damage to your home or premises. Woodworm infestation can seriously damage any timber in your home and potentially cause severe structural damage.

Woodworm is a blanket term for the larvae of several different species of wood boring beetle. The most widespread species in the UK is the Common Furniture Beetle but also common are Death Watch Beetle, House Longhorn Beetle and Powder Post Beetle. The different species have different preferences as to the type of timber they infest but all can cause serious damage if left untreated. Young's Pest Control is here to help. They can administer Hazel Grove woodworm treatment to any infestation in your property.

Unfortunately, woodworm infestation can already be quite advanced before the problem becomes apparent, as the timber can be inhabited by woodworm for many years before the damage is visible. During a typical life cycle, the adult female beetle will lay her eggs deep inside crevices in any timber such as floorboards, joists or furniture. The larvae then hatch and immediately begin burying and eating away at the wood (the only food source they need) for up to several years. They eventually reach adulthood and emerge ready to lay a new batch of eggs and begin the cycle all over again. By this stage, however, the timber can already be thoroughly rotten.

You can see the importance of professional help if you suspect you may have a problem but what signs should you be looking out for?

Woodworm Damage

Woodworm Damage

- Small neat holes appearing in your timber.
- Small piles of dust (frass) appearing near infested timber (this is pushed out by the emerging adult beetles).
- Tunnelling within the timber.
- Crumbly or rotting edges on timber.
- Damaged floorboards. One sign is that your floorboards appear 'springy' or in worst case circumstance, they can collapse under pressure.
- Dead adult beetles appearing near infected timber.

Contact Young's Pest Control if you have any concerns about woodworm as early treatment can be vital in order to prevent much larger problems in future.

It is important to remember, woodworm is not just confined to structural timber. Any wooden items such as furniture, ornamental carvings or even instruments can be infested. Young's Pest Control can apply Hazel Grove woodworm treatment to furniture and other wooden items.

The type of treatment for woodworm removal can vary depending on the species of beetle causing the infestation. Some such as the Death Watch beetle can be more difficult to treat than others. Young's Pest Control will visit your property and carry out a full professional survey to assess the extent of the infestation. They will identify the species causing the problem and advise on the correct treatment for woodworm removal. Be assured, if Young's Pest Control need to apply a Hazel Grove woodworm treatment spray in your home furniture it will be carried out in a manner that will cause the minimal amount of disruption to your home and family.