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Hazel Grove Grey Squirrel Control

Eastern Grey Squirrel Information

Squirrels are not considered a major problem throughout the United Kingdom, however, due to a significant rise in population of the common Eastern Grey Squirrel, effective Hazel Grove grey squirrel control of the species is required. Here at Young’s Pest Control, we endeavour to provide you with essential information about this particular rodent.

Squirrel Containment and Hazel Grove Grey Squirrel Control

Grey squirrel pestIt is only a recent occurrence that Eastern Grey squirrels have had the tendency to live in abandoned bird nests and small openings in or around shrubbery/trees. As a result of a new population explosion, the Eastern Grey is now known to make a home in lofts, attics, moderate roof spaces and certain outbuildings. Grey Squirrels often leave faeces behind and make incessant scratching noises, which can cause discomfort to any homeowner. Their attendance within certain buildings is comparable to that of other rodent species. Squirrel capture and Hazel Grove grey squirrel control often involve the use of different equipment, as they are not usually attracted by mouse traps that house particular food sources.

Ways to Prevent Squirrel Infestation

This species also carries fleas and have been known to pass this microscopic pest onto household domestic pets. Therefore, squirrel removal is needed if the infestation is to be stopped immediately. Squirrel proofing is also recommended if such problems occur, as allowing them to survive will result in recontamination. Most squirrels are known to be instinctive and will return to nesting habitations by means of spatial understanding and recognition.

Squirrel proofing can include procedures such as re-patching holes, placing wired material over air ducts and having your roof professionally shingled. It would be wise to seek out potential Grey squirrel access points in and around your home, as this will allow us to carry out the necessary maintenance. Squirrel capture and trapping are undertaken in an effective and humane way, using only necessary materials sourced from Squirrel control.

Squirrel Behaviour and Characteristics

Grey squirrel on benchThis particular species is not known to carry any diseases; however, they are documented cases of them attacking humans when feeling threatened. Public opinion sites squirrels as generically being fun-loving, entertaining and adorable creatures. Nonetheless, they are more harmful than they are helpful because of their mischievous nature. They commonly steal bird seed from bird tables, chew through bird feeders and can cause general damage to external outbuildings.

We advise that you use steel birdfeeders so the grey squirrel cannot bite through them and cause unnecessary damage. This species will do anything to pry open general birdfeeders to get to the prize within, so it imperative you take strong, preventative measures beforehand. Furthermore, these squirrels are reported to enjoy feasting on flower seeds and peeling the bark back from trees to create dreys. It is important to be vigilant and contact us if any damage is becoming increasingly obvious.

Contacting Young’s Pest Control

We are dedicated to the prompt and efficient removal of pests from private and commercial properties. Hazel Grove grey squirrel control and squirrel removal are dealt with professionally by our team of seasoned experts. We advise that grey squirrel pest control be left to us directly, rather than you tackling the immediate problem.