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Professional Hazel Grove Flea Treatment

FleaThe flea is a ubiquitous pest that has plagued mankind since time immemorial. Despite their size, they are a highly evolved creature that has been around for millions of years longer than us. They are resilient, robust and tolerant of a range of adverse conditions. Effective Hazel Grove flea treatment is a task that has puzzled us since the dawn of man. Now Young's pest control is here to give you a helping hand.

How can an infestation be removed?

The rapid breeding and spread of fleas mean that professional Hazel Grove flea treatment services should be used. Young's pest control have a wealth of experience in flea fumigation and a flea treatment. It is important to be sure that a flea infestation is fully dealt with. If the job is only half done, the problem will return. If all of the fleas are not removed, then they will continue to breed. A flea can live for up to 2 years and lay 25 eggs per day. Therefore, an effective Hazel Grove flea treatment is needed to fix the problem.

The social stigma of being infested by fleas is worth considering. The embarrassment that you place on your children if you send them to school with flea bites can harm their confidence for life. People see flea-infested homes as dirty homes. As the homeowner, you will be looked upon as the root of the problem. With the help of Young's pest control, you can discretely get rid of an infestation.

Some interesting flea facts

Fleas are exceedingly prolific breeders. During a lifetime, a flea can produce 2000 eggs. This sheer weight of numbers makes flea removal particularly difficult.

Fleas can live for more than 100 days without food. This means that they can lie dormant and wait for a host to come along. This is why flea fumigation can be required to fully eradicate the problem. You can't simply wait for it to go away because fleas can wait too!

Fleas can consume 15 times their own body weight in blood daily. With a severe infestation, this can really add up. This level of blood loss can cause health problems to the host, such as anaemia. Hazel Grove flea treatment can help to improve the victim's health.

Relative to their body-size, fleas are one of the best jumpers in the animal kingdom. They can jump 8 inches vertically and 13 inches horizontally. This enables them to reach a host, and also to escape from danger. With agility like that, a flea infestation can be a difficult thing to get rid of.

What diseases can be spread by fleas?

Cat and dog fleasIn addition to the physical side-effects, such as itching, allergies and anaemia, fleas can cause some serious health problems.

If a dog inadvertently ingests fleas whilst grooming, it can develop tapeworms.

Flea saliva can be an irritant to the skin. Animals exposed to it can suffer from inflamed and itchy rashes.

The direct blood transmission when a flea bite has historically been linked to diseases as severe as the bubonic plague.