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Professional Hazel Grove Cockroach Control Solutions

Identifiable Features
German Cockroach
Cockroaches come out at night and spend the majority of daylight hours out of human sight. These insects can be found in areas such as drainage systems, cookers and around worktop spaces.

Cockroaches give off a pungent almond-like odour, but this is only noticeable if the infestation is sizeable. Cockroaches within the United Kingdom can measure 1.3cm to 1.6cm in length.

They a slightly brown tanned colouration and have two darker streaks that run down from its head to the tip of its wings. Even though the cockroach has wings, it does not have the ability to fly well. Young cockroaches have a pale area located centrally on the thorax. The cockroach is commonplace throughout many countries and can be found in a range of environment. In hotter climates, cockroaches inhabit restaurants, food processing plants, hotel facilities and nursing homes. Contrarily, in colder climbs, cockroaches are found within human residences. The German variety originally hails from Asia and is closely related to the Asian cockroach. However, to the untrained eye, they may appear indistinguishable.

Biology of the Cockroach
Normally the cockroach goes through three life stages: egg, nymph and adult. The entire lifespan of a cockroach is generally around 100 days, but factors such as temperature and nutritional variants may decrease or increase the life cycle. Cockroaches have a tendency to reproduce on a continuous basis; thus, numbers can increase exponentially in a short period of time. Under perfect conditions, growth has been scientifically proven to be rapid. Cockroaches are omnivorous insects and will feed on anything from crumbs to the bindings on books.

Important Facts About the CockroachCockroach closeup
Adult size: 1.3cm – 1.6 cm

Number of shedding: 5 – 7 with a lifetime
Development cycle (Egg to adult): 1 – up to 3 months
Duration of adult stage: 3 up to 6 months
Number of eggs produced by a female: Between 30 - 40

How Cockroaches Can Effect You
Cockroaches can be carriers of some horrendous diseases such as dysentery, gastroenteritis and typhoid. Germs are often spread from the body of the insect or from the creature’s left behind faeces. Essentially, cockroaches can feed on anything including discarded faecal matter. Contamination and infestations occur when cockroaches come into close contact with food sources.

Methods of Control
Here at Young’s Pest Control, we aim to completely eradicate cockroaches when called in to undertake a Hazel Grove cockroach control job. Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to treat, as their hiding dens are difficult to reach because of their advanced breeding systems. The number of eggs cockroaches produce can be somewhat astronomical and treating these with insecticides can sometimes prove problematic. Nevertheless, we do offer a comprehensive eradication program whereby we monitor the problem, to begin with. Once we have established the problem we can decide what course of decontamination action needs to be undertaken.

Our inspections are carried out at night because of the cockroaches at more docile at this time. We also use a red-filter torch, which the cockroaches do not react to and we can see exactly what the level of infestation is.

Importantly, a high level of food hygiene is necessary if the control of cockroaches is to be adhered to. The cockroaches must not be able to access food and water sources, as they are a breeding ground. Therefore, this will increase the chance of the cockroaches’ directed movement towards the insecticides needed to exterminate them. We specialise in Hazel Grove cockroach control and strategies to enhance the chance of permanent cockroach extermination.

If you require immediate attention regarding Hazel Grove cockroach control or cockroach treatment then do not hesitate to contact us. We will be able to guide you through our services and can tailor cockroach treatment to your needs. Hazel Grove cockroach control is necessary so if the infestation is getting out of hand, call the professionals and let us deal with it.