Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Hazel Grove BumbleBee Control Treatments

Bumble Bee on flowerAre you having issues with Bumblebees on your property? Read below to find out more about the necessity of professional Hazel Grove bumblebee control as well as bumblebee removal.

BumbleBee Information
Unlike other bee species,' bumblebees exist in colonies ranging from typically 15-20 worker bees as well as a queen. They pollinate plants and are often found between gardens and their hives. The queen bee, however, establishes the hive and prepares for laying eggs and for food storage. Though bumblebees assist with the pollination process of plants, they can pose a risk to children and animals, and often for safety purposes may require regulation on properties.

BumbleBee Safety
As a general precaution, bumblebees are best not to be disturbed due to their ability to sting, especially when provoked. Though the sting may only cause irritation to some people, allergic reactions may occur for others. Multiple stings can also cause reactions. Some reactions include anaphylactic shock and if it's not treated properly, may lead to death.

Hazel Grove BumbleBee Control
Bumblebees tend to live in hives which can be anything from a hole in the ground, a hollow in a tree, cracks in walls or sheds. Though some bees operate in solitary, bumblebees tend to live in small-sized colonies and can be problematic due to the unpredictable placement of their hives. Tree bumblebees, for instance, have existed in The UK for 13 years now and are known to nest inside of bird boxes and trees. Due to their hardiness, they are now being seen in increasing numbers all across The UK. As stated, these Tree bumblebees are commonly found in bird boxes and other similar garden ornaments. Undesired bumblebee nests such as this which may be found should be removed properly and professionally.

Bumble BeeProfessional Hazel Grove BumbleBee Removal
Professional Hazel Grove bumblebee control is the best option in removing bumblebee nests. This is due to the dangers listed above as well as a number of other factors:

-Bumblebee nests can be difficult to remove
-Bumblebees can reform colonies and hives if not removed properly

These are only a few of the reasons why it is important that bumblebees are removed safely and properly. Young's Pest Removal expel bumble bees at an affordable fixed price and can almost guarantee that nests are eradicated. Call Young's Pest Control now to have a professional on-site within roughly an hour to safely and properly have bumblebee nests removed.