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The Life of Ants

AntsAt some point in the functional life of a home or building, a property owner or manager will come across an ant infestation problem. Although not the worst or most unhygienic of pest problems, ants are still not ideal housemates and are best subjected to ant control treatment or Hazel Grove ant infestation removal methods. However, since they have become such a permanent part of human life, knowing important practical information about ants is necessary and may come handy especially when there is an ant infestation in house or office.


Ants are part of a special family of insects that include wasps and bees. Although the individual is small and barely a blip big, ants gather their strength from their huge numbers which can go into the millions. This is because ants tend to organise into colonies. Being such organised creatures that can operate as one united cluster has led them to be regarded as superorganisms. It is exactly this ability to gather in huge numbers that make ant infestation in the house such a problem. As a result, a Hazel Grove ant infestation removal treatment should affect ants as a colony in order to be effective.

Social order


Ants are social creatures, which means they work together with one another within their very own society. Organised as they are, ants divide into distinct groups that perform specific roles within their colony. Perhaps the highest order of ants is the queen. The queen is solely responsible for laying eggs and is usually assisted by worker ants in this role. Fertile, winged female ants are also called queens. To be effective, Hazel Grove ant infestation removal methods must eliminate any and all queens.


Worker ants are usually females that cannot mate. Instead, they take care of the eggs and young hatched ants, defend the nest or forage for food. Worker ants that solely defend the nest are called soldiers.


Black antOf course, all the queens need a mate, or more likely, mates. Drones are winged, fertile males who serve just the purpose. They have a short life devoted solely to mating. Once they have passed on their seed, drones die.

During mating season, drones and virgin queens take to the air to take part in the nuptial flight, which is the ant mating ritual. Mating ants can whip up such a huge swarm that create a familiar sight in the UK, a flying ant infestation.

Fortunately, professional services like Young’s Pest Control are well-versed on the life cycle of ants and can capably handle any ant infestation, or worse a flying ant infestation. The average homeowner or shopkeeper can be assured of safe and effective Hazel Grove ant infestation removal. Nevertheless, it would not hurt to know a bit more about ants to keep them out of any home or business.