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Are squirrels affecting your home?

Those who have experienced squirrels invading their home would know how costly and destructive they can be. Not only do they transmit diseases, but they also can cause extensive damage to your property as they gnaw on anything in sight to file their constantly growing teeth down. After making their introduction to British soil in the Victorian era, they have quickly gone on to establish themselves as a major invader in the UK, with an estimated population of over 2.5 million. However, before they make this number greater in your home, speak to Harpurhey Squirrel Trapping. An experienced technician will tailor-make a squirrel control treatment plan.

These vermin will come into your home or office through open spaces, and when they cannot find one, they will use their ever-growing teeth to make an opening and leave holes in the places they were gnawing. This will allow moisture to come in, cause serious water damage, and allow rot to set it.

Once these creatures have a foothold in your home, they will usually start to build a home for themselves. They can use any materials available. Unfortunately, they will also chew on insulated cables. This can cause loads of issues, with the most severe being fire hazards through electrical wiring. To get rid of squirrels effectively, speak to Harpurhey Squirrel Pest Control. 

Important points to note about squirrels

Squirrels are one of the most prevalent squirrels in Great Britain. They vary in colour from light to dark grey and have a stripe of white fur running down their backs. They have large ears, bushy tails, and sharp teeth. Males are usually larger than females, and the males' tails are also longer. Squirrels can live up to six years in the wild.

Two times per year, squirrels breed, usually in spring and fall. Gestation lasts around 44 days, and babies (known as kittens) are typically born in May, June, and November or December. Upon birth, they are blind, deaf and weigh only about 1/4 of an ounce. They are weaned at around six weeks old, and at sexual maturity, they are around eight months old.

Squirrels communicate through a range of vocalizations- squeaks, chattering, high and low twittering - as well as tail gestures. Touch is one of their most important senses, using their whiskers to feel the airflow around objects to avoid them. Squirrels are usually very cautious animals that stay hidden in trees and feed by scampering across branches until they locate a morsel. A squirrel's diet is highly varied but often consists also includes fruits, nuts, fungi, and plant suckers.

A squirrel's drey is usually a small, round, fluffy nest made of twigs and leaves, which the squirrel lines with soft materials like moss, hair, or feathers. The drey is typically situated in a tree fork or on a branch.

As you can see, a squirrel infestation must be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid any serious damage.

 Do not try to take care of the problem yourself with DIY products- this is a job for experts like Harpurhey Squirrel Pest Control. We are experienced and knowledgeable enough to get rid of these pests quickly and efficiently, and thus, your home is secure once again. -Why You Should Act Fast: Not only do squirrels cause extensive damage when they invade homes, but they are also an invasive species. This means that if left unchecked, their population will continue to grow, and they could potentially spread diseases or parasites to other animals or even humans. Harpurhey Squirrel Trapping is the best option for situations like that.