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Expert Hale Mole Trapping Services

Discover the Destructive Nature of Moles

Mole in a molehillMany people disagree with the fact that moles are widespread across the UK since they have never sighted moles in their homes. However, you need not see live moles in order to confirm their existence in your property. The presence of molehills in your garden or yard is a clear proof of their existence even without being able to spot them.

Research has it that there are only about 30 species of moles globally. In the UK, the garden mole is particularly rampant as compared to other species. These mammals are excellent diggers given that they can create a tunnel of up to 4m in just one hour. Their constant digging can easily cause damage to lawns, sports fields, flower beds and ceremonial gardens. You should always call Hale mole trapping and control experts to help you treat a mole problem as soon as it emerges. This is the best way to protect your property against damages that might include the following.

  • Death of young plants due to root disturbance
  • Unsightly molehills and surface tunnels all over your compound
  • The emergence of rubble and stones that can damage machinery such as lawnmowers

Mole Tunnels and Hills

Mole moundExpert Hale mole trapping methods can greatly help in eradicating molehills and tunnels. The tunnels and hills are as a result of underground mole activities that revolve around digging. These mammals have to dig tunnels that connect their major food sources and nests. They majorly feed on worms hence; they must dig through the soil if they are t make any catch. The annoying molehills, therefore, are the excess soil that they have to remove from their tunnels as they dig.

Moles have very limited activities on the surface of the ground. For this reason, Hale mole trapping can be tricky for homeowners who have no experience in mole control methods. Moreover, you can never get close to them since they are good at sensing even the slightest movement. Their long snouts that resemble that of a pig are covered with tiny swellings used as detectors. This is a special feature that helps them detect both movement and scents of their pray or other moles.

Mole Pest Control

Moles can be very destructive when they invade a property. The damages they cause cannot be concealed easily since they constantly dig so long as they are alive. Call Young’s Pest Control today if you a mole problem in your residence. Our Hale mole trapping and control tactics can be easily tailored to meet the exact needs of all our customers.