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Professional Hale Grey Squirrel Control

The grey squirrel may appear on the surface to be a cute, ubiquitous part of the British countryside but they are in fact, a destructive pest that has a serious negative impact on our native wildlife.

How can such a cute animal cause so much trouble?

Grey squirrel pestThe grey squirrel is an invasive, foreign species. They have only introduced into the country a little over 100 years ago and they have spread to all corners of the UK. Their dominance over native fauna can be seen in the plight of the red squirrel which has been pushed to the brink of eradication by its larger, more successful cousin. The grey squirrel also carries squirrel pox, which is in part responsible for the decline of the red.

Trees and crops are also negatively impacted and Hale grey squirrel control must be employed to protect our woodland. Throughout the year, the grey squirrel will feed on any food source that is available. From farmer's crops to scavenged picnics in the park. The proximity with humans and our habit of feeding the grey squirrel both encourages them to be brave around us and increases the risk of disease transmission.

As a rodent, squirrels need to regularly gnaw in order to maintain the correct size of their teeth. This causes problems domestically with holes being chewed into attics to provide nesting space. Electrical fires can also be caused by squirrels gnawing on wires. Serious problems like this can be dealt with by the skilled squirrel removal services at Young's pest control.

Can I deal with the problem myself?

Grey squirrel close upThe rate of population growth in the grey squirrel makes Hale grey squirrel control a difficult task. Hiring a trained pro to handle your squirrel pest control ensures that the job is done effectively and in the most humane way possible. Causing unnecessary distress to an animal is unacceptable and Young's pest control strive to carry out squirrel removal in a fair manner.

The wealth of experience we possess ensures that Hale grey squirrel control is done quickly and safely. They are a tricky pest to deal with given the nature of their habitat and their agility but Young's have the equipment and the know-how to tackle them. In-Depth knowledge of grey squirrel behaviours, diet and habits give us the advantage over a non-professional endeavour. There is little point in half doing the job and leaving breeding adults on site.