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Hale Ant Infestation Removal Services

Getting completely rid of an ant infestation can be tricky. Colonies of ants can be extremely large with thousands of insects burrowing their way into flower beds, lawns and brickwork.

How do I know if I have an ant infestation?

Ants- There will be a steady stream of ants tracking their way across your property, either inside or outside. Simply sweeping them aside will not last long as these insects leave a natural insecticide called pheromone so other members of the colony know where to go for food, water or back to their habitat. Thorough Hale ant infestation removal is needed.

- When they build their nest, ants leave behind piles of dirt or soil as they burrow into the material. This is particularly unsightly on lawns.

- As the young, queen ants leave to mate and create new colonies, you may see a flying ant infestation as they vacate the nests on mass when the weather is warm.

Is it important to get rid of ants?

You should make sure a good ant control is sought because ants will seek to get into the food you have stored in your home. Once they find a readily available source of nourishment, they will keep coming back for more. Before they walk across your kitchen surfaces and into the cupboards, you have no idea where they have been before. Ants walk through dustbins, up drain pipes and in dirty areas so they must be stopped. A professional Hale ant infestation removal must be carried out to stop an ant infestation in the house taking hold.

Young’s Pest Control is an experienced company who can offer a quick, discreet and clean Hale ant infestation removal treatment. We know what species of insect you have, and the best way to make sure they are dealt with the first time.

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Professional Ant Control

Along with complete Hale ant infestation removal services, we are also happy to give you advice on how to prevent an ant infestation in the house.

1. Keep your food in airtight containers.
2. Clean all crumbs and food pieces off kitchen tops and dining room tables immediately.
3. Wash dishes soon after use, don't leave them on the sides too long.
4. Sweep the floors where food collects, including outside areas.
5. Empty indoor and outdoor bins often.

Call Young’s to treat a pharaoh, garden or flying ant infestation. We’ll arrange a time to suit you, and get rid of the insects efficiently in a way that is safe for your family and pets.