Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Hale Barns Bumblebee Hive Removal   

If you discover a bumblebee nest in your garden, get rid of it as soon as possible. Not only are these nestsHale Barns Bumblebee Nest Removal unsightly, but they also pose a safety risk to your family. When their nest is disturbed, bumblebees become nervy and may sting you if you come too near. Furthermore, these nests might attract additional insects. Suppose you or a family member gets stung. In that case, this could prove to be disastrous as these insects sting repeatedly and don't die, so an alert is sent to the nest. You get stung by numerous bees. You go into anaphylactic shock. This is when you get a massive histamine response, and your windpipe closes up, which can be fatal. Symptoms include tightness in the chest, wheezing, swelling of the mouth and throat. 

Bumblebees might also sting your pets; this is especially dangerous if they are stung around their face or mouth, as this would prevent them from being able to breathe. Hale Barns Bumblebee nest removal can also be complicated. These nests are usually made underground or inside tree holes, gardens, sheds, crevices, garages and even home insulation. The list is really endless. 

For assistance in removing this nest safely and quickly, get in touch with a professional Hale Barns Bumblebee nest removal near me. The exterminator will be able to remove the nest.

Below we have listed a few common types found across Great Britain

The Heath bumblebee is a medium-sized bee with broad, dense yellow banding on the head and thorax. The pollen basket of this species is often shorter than Hale Barns Bumblebee Nest Removalthat of other bumblebees. It feeds mainly on flowers using a method called "nectar robbing". It penetrates nectar deep into flowers or sucks up nectar from worn petals or stamens at the base of the flower without pollinating them. This feeding behaviour avoids competition from other bees and wasps, which would otherwise gather nectar there. However, it means it doesn't collect pollen itself.

The Early bee (Bombus pratorum) is a small, black and yellow bee that is found throughout the United Kingdom. These bees nest in hollow stems or in burrows in the ground, and they typically sting only if they are threatened. Unlike most insects, bumblebees are social creatures and live in communities of up to 400 individuals.

The early bumblebee is large. It has a long, hairy body and short antennas. This black bee has yellow markings on the abdomen; this combination of colours distinguishes it from other bees found in England and Wales. Male and female early bumblebees can be told apart by their antennae: those of males end in a hooked tip, whereas those of females are straight.

The Great Yellow Bumblebee, Bombus distinguendus, is a large, robust bumblebee found throughout North America. They are easily recognized by their bright yellow colour and black stripes. These bees are very social and live in large colonies of up to 100 individuals. They are generalists, meaning that they forage for various pollen and nectar sources. Great Yellow Bumblebees are not aggressive and will only sting humans if they feel threatened.

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