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24-Hour Haigh Rat Control Treatment 

Protecting your place from rats is a wiseHaigh Rat Control Treatment thing to do because rats cause diseases such as Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Tularemia, etc. In addition, they leave bacterial infections almost everywhere in your house. By any chance, you come into contact with the droppings or urine of infected rats. As a result, you might get these diseases. 

 Youngs Pests Control company is there to help you get rid of rat infestations in your home. They have a team of skilled workers who will ensure that you are satisfied with their services. All you need to do is call Haigh rat exterminator services, and they will be at your doorstep. Below we will look at how you can identify rat infestation and types of rats that might infest your house.

How to Identify Rat Infestations

 When rats are in a low population, it is tricky to tell if they are in your house. This is very dangerous as they can destroy home equipment without your knowledge. However, here are a few things that can tell you have a rat infestation.

Rat droppings

 This is among the first thing you will notice when rats are in your house. They leave droppings in places they hide and can even leave them on your bed. Whenever you see this, call Haigh rat catcher near me services immediately for assistance.

Wall Marks

Haigh Rat Control Treatment Rats usually create routes on walls to navigate faster as they have poor eyesight. The dirt on their bodies leaves dark marks on your wall or objects, mainly if they mostly use that particular route.


Scratching Noises

 Scratching noises, especially at night, could mean that you have rats in your home. Therefore, it is crucial to identify those places you hear the sounds from and call rat control treatments and removal services before they destroy your home.

Rat Nests

 Rats usually create their nests using delicate items in your house such as cardboard, books, loft insulation, etc. If rats live in your home, you will mostly find these nests in cavity walls, attics or under eaves. 24-hour professional pest control rats service know where to set traps to eliminate the rats hiding in such places. 

Holes Around Solid Objects

 If you spot some holes around solid objects you have never seen before, it could be rats building their shelter for food storage and nesting. It is always wise to get assistance from the Haigh rat exterminator company before it's too late.

Types of Rats in the UK

 There are two types of rats in the Uk that can cause concern. They are the black and brown rats. These two are the common rodents that infest Uk homes, especially when the weather is cold outside. 

Black Rat

 The black rat usually has a longer tail thanHaigh Rat Control Treatment the body and head. They also have pointed noses, big ears, and slim bodies. Black rats are not easily seen outside in the UK as they are always indoors. Their most noticeable habit is to climb. They also feed primarily on fruits and drink about 15ml per day. 

Brown Rat

 Brown rats prefer living on the ground, but you can spot a few climbing. Unlike black rats, they have short tails than the head and body. However, their bodies are thick, their nose blunt, and they have tiny ears. The brown rats like to feed on cereals and are mostly sported in sewers in the UK. 

 Both of these rats are dangerous. Any time you see them in your home, consider calling rat control treatments and removal service. They have experts who are aware of the best treatment to apply to both types of rats.

Why Should I subscribe to Young's Pest Control Services? 

 This company is always reliable as they operate 24/7. Anytime you ask for help from Haigh Rat Control TreatmentHaigh rat catcher near me services, they will show up at the specified time. In addition, 24-hour professional pest control rats service will also provide effective treatments and tools to eliminate the rats. This is why it is necessary to use the service. It might be difficult for you to identify what types of rats have infested your premises.