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Are squirrels causing you problems?

Grasscroft Squirrel Control treatmentThe abundance of squirrels in the city is not by chance. They have introduced over a hundred years ago, and since then, they've shown how invasive they can be. Squirrels are disease carriers, and they'll cause extensive damage to your residence if they're allowed to stay. If you're having problems with squirrels, it's important to take action quickly, and Grasscroft Squirrel Pest Control can help with Getting Rid Of Squirrels.

Squirrels are known for the havoc they can cause in the home or business; they have teeth that indefinitely grow, creating a need to file them down constantly. They will do this on any hard object, like wood, water pipes, and sometimes concrete. First, they usually find an open space and enter through that, but when there isn't one, that's when they put their teeth to work by gnawing on the roof, mainly on the valleys of the rooftop making them weak and making it easy to let water in. Then, when they are inside, they will chew on the soffits and supporting structures, making them considerably weaker, thus resulting in potential collapse.

Squirrels will chew through many types of cables, with theGreenfield Squirrel Pest Control most damaging being electric wires resulting in fires; thus, Grasscroft Squirrel Trappings advises you to act early and maintain squirrel control when you first have a sighting.

A few interesting facts about Grey Squirrels

The Grey Squirrel's fur is, by self-admission, "mouse grey" (or silver), though looking more blue in the moonlight. Its size and weight depend on conditions: food supply, competition from other squirrels for choice nuts or acorns. Generally of about 25 cm (10 inches) long body plus a tail 7.5 to 18.3 cm (.3-.7 inches) - weight ranges 10-17 oz.), head 23 cm (9 inches), no relation to Sciurus carolinensis but some similar habits--it can be found throughout Europe and is one of the few rodent species that has proven able to live with humans.

Mostly they eat nuts and seeds, but they'll also take insects, fruit, and bark. Squirrels bury their food caches (usually acorns) in the ground to eat later.

Grasscroft Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Control treatment Grey Squirrel controlSquirrels have two breeding seasons a year. The first season, which occurs late winter or early spring, is when the females give birth to one or two litters of young. The second breeding season is in late summer, and this is when the males compete for mates. After mating, the female squirrel builds a nest in a tree and gives birth to her young. Squirrel babies are blind and naked when they are born. They stay in the nest with their mother for about six weeks before they start to wander around on their own.

Squirrels can carry a number of diseases, the most common of which is salmonella. They can also carry other diseases, such as tularemia and plague. A bite or scratch to you or a loved one should be treated immediately. You should seek medical assistance.

A person who has ever dealt with an infestation of any kind can attest it is a daunting and often messy process. You have to worry about getting rid of the pests, the damage they may have already done, and how to prevent future infestations.Grasscroft Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Control treatment Therefore, you need to choose the right company for your squirrel pest control needs. Grasscroft Squirrel Pest Control has been helping people deal with squirrels for years, and we are well equipped to handle almost any squirrel problem quickly and efficiently. We understand that this is a stressful time, and Grasscroft Squirrel Trapping will work tirelessly to make sure that you are satisfied.