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An Effective Golborne Woodworm Treatment Spray Service

The damage that woodworm can do to a property is not something that should be underestimated. While ruined furniture can be a frustration, things can be a lot worse if flooring, roof beams, and other structural parts of a property are weakened. The signs of a woodworm infestation are small to start off with although they will become noticeable as a population grows. As soon as it becomes obvious that these insects have found a way into a home it is important to take action. The best chance of minimising damage is to bring in professional help. Young’s Pest Control has the skill and experience to offer the expert Golborne woodworm treatment for furniture, flooring, and beams to clear them of this damaging insect.


Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingWoodworm are part of the normal lifecycle of a few beetles that can survive and prosper in the UK. This includes house longhorn, powder post, death watch, and common furniture beetles. The larvae that hatch from the eggs laid by adult insects are woodworm and get this name from their habit of boring through wood to feed. They leave behind a small tunnel as they do this, and the damage that woodworm in large enough populations can cause has the potential to ruin wood furniture, beams, and other features around a home. It is obviously best to apply a Golborne woodworm treatment spray as early as possible to kill them off and avoid extensive damage.

How to Spot the Problem

There are a few things that can identify a woodworm infestation has taken hold in a property.

  • Adult Beetles: Finding dead beetles around wooden objects is a danger sign that there may be a problem.
  • Exit Holes: Adult beetles emerging from pupa will bore a round hole in the surface of a wood object to free themselves. This may not be too obvious at first although as the surface starts to become riddled it is an obvious sign that woodworm are present.
  • Bore Dust: The wood dust created as adult beetles free themselves will collect below an object and is another sign of the presence of woodworm.

Treatment for Woodworm Removal

holzwurmThe Golborne woodworm treatment for furniture, flooring, and beams is designed to disrupt the lifecycle of the beetle in some way to kill off a population. The actual treatment for woodworm removal will depend on the species of beetle and getting professional assistance is the best way of identifying this. Young’s Pest Control has specialists capable of undertaking a thorough inspection of a property to establish the beetle type and also the extent of the infestation. They can then recommend and apply a targeted Golborne woodworm treatment spray to completely eradicate the problem from a home.

A woodworm infestation can have serious implications for a property if it is allowed to take hold and grow. Property owners need to be aware of this and take action quickly to avoid the damage this pest can cause. A call to Young’s Pest Control is all that is needed to get our assistance and ensure that woodworm is effectively dealt with to eliminate them from a building.