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Professional Golborne Mole Trapping

We at Young's Pest Control offer Golborne mole trapping and control in addition to several other services. Moles are carnivorous creatures that live underground and feed on reptiles and insects. They make their homes in gardens and burrow deep into the soil, tunnelling their way through the ground. Mole pest control is hence important for a well-maintained garden.

Some facts about garden moles

-> Garden moles are creatures which mainly exist on earthworms, ants and beetle grubs. They can also eat seed and some plant vegetation Full size molebut it is rare.

-> Moles reproduce mainly in the springtime and each litter has about three to five young.

-> However, moles do not hibernate and keep working, that is, digging through the ground throughout the year, building tunnels to forage for food and to keep their young in.

-> Moles can tunnel up to four metres in one hour, which can lead to plenty of damage over time.

How to garden moles destroy your garden

-> The most obvious result of moles burrowing in the garden is that they spoil the aesthetic beauty of the garden and destroy the landscaping that you have worked on for months.

-> Without Golborne mole trapping and control, they continue digging up underground tunnels, which weakens the roots of plants and results in a withered garden.

-> Mole activity results in other rodents using the underground tunnels and attacking the plants.

Detecting the presence of moles

-> The main way of checking your garden for moles is to check for tunnels. There will always be raised soil heaps besides these tunnels whichMole in a molehill should provide an instant clue. However, since moles often abandon their tunnels for greener pastures, it is next to impossible to tell if a tunnel is active or not.

-> Since moles prefer moist and loamy soil, intensify your scrutiny in the early mornings and evenings, or after rainfalls. This will help in the identification of active mole holes for Golborne mole trapping so that further action can be taken.

-> The moles are detectable during spring and autumn and hence, any mole pest control must be done during these two seasons.

We at Young's Pest Control offer a full-fledged service for Golborne mole trapping in a humane manner. Our experienced professionals are very well trained in the identification and trapping of moles as well as proofing the property from further mole attacks.