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Professional Golborne Grey Squirrel Control

The grey squirrel has become one of the most successful introduced species to the UK, displacing the native red squirrel in the majority of the country. Now seen just about everywhere, in both urban and rural locales, it was introduced to the UK in the late 19th century from North America. Classed as a pest, it can cause problems in homes, gardens and workplaces.

Conservation Issues

- Grey squirrel close upOne major issue with grey squirrels from a conservation point of view is that they carry a disease known as a squirrel pox. This fatal disease has seriously affected native populations of red squirrels in many parts of the UK.

- Another conservation worry, especially for those people who are responsible for maintaining woodland, is the damage that grey squirrels can cause to trees. Grey squirrels will gnaw at the stems of trees in order to get to the sap. This can lead to trees being 'ringed' and subsequently falling victim to fungal infection or even death.

Golborne grey squirrel control can help to minimise the disruption caused to native species of mammal and trees in both these cases. Squirrel removal can be an important part of woodland management and is not something which can be left to amateurs.

Building Damage

While most conservation issues with Golborne grey squirrel control occur in rural areas, this species has become very common in urban areas too. This means that they can often cause damage to buildings. They can do this in a number of ways:

- By chewing timber, wire or stored goods.
- By gnawing on plastic fitting, such hosepipes or plastic netting
- By tearing insulation and gnawing away at roof fittings like struts and rafters

Grey squirrel on benchGrey squirrels can also cause problems for gardeners, as they are likely to dig up bulbs and seeds for food. They also cache food in lawns or plant pots by digging disruptive holes and burying food. Golborne grey squirrel control is therefore essential for anyone who wants to enjoy either a domestic or commercial garden. Grey squirrels in a garden centre, for example, can cause huge damage to stock.

So if grey squirrels are making your life difficult, make sure you speak to the right people about how to get rid of them. When it comes to Golborne grey squirrel control, you need to contact us, using our phone number or the website. Squirrel removal should never be something you attempt yourself.