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Professional Golborne Bed Bug Treatment

Young's Pest Control are experts in Golborne bed bug treatment. We will disperse pests from your home, hotel or hospital, and bed bug control is one of the services we provide in Manchester and surrounding areas. Other services we provide are flea, rodent, wasp and bee control.

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Did you know?

Bed BugYou know that bed bugs are parasites that feed on the blood of humans. You will start thinking about Golborne bed bug treatment when you notice small dark spots on your bed sheets. You can also see actual live insects and their shed skins.

But did you know that:

• Despite the name, the bed bug can also harbour in carpets, skirting boards, cracked plaster, behind wallpaper, and even inside electrical sockets.
• Bed buds can travel up to 100 feet for a blood meal.
• Back in the 1940s, bed bugs were practically eradicated in the UK, but since 1995, probably due to pesticide resistance, they are on the rise.

Why Bed Bug Control?

• Bed Bugs bites cause skin rashes and allergic symptoms, not to mention the embarrassment of having them in your house.
• Your hotel or B&B may lose reputation and customers.
• Once established, bed bugs can travel to neighbouring properties.
• Each female bed bug will lay 1-5 more eggs every day.

Why Young’s Pest Control?

Young’s Pest Control offers a professional service in Golborne bed bug treatment. Bed bug removal done by untrained people will not be effective and can lead to more problems in the long run.

• Experts know that if you spot one mouse or rat, wasp, the bed bug, ant, or a cockroach, there will be more.
• It is difficult to control bed bugs by yourself. It can also cost a lot of money. The best solution is to call professionals as soon as you notice bed bugs' activity.
• Our experts are trained in using professional means for bed bug fumigation or any other treatment necessary in a safe and effective way.
• Young’s Pest Control will advise you on how to prevent future bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug TreatmentBenefits to you include:

• Good hygiene
• The excellent reputation of your business
• Peace of mind in knowing that your premises will be free of bed bugs