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Specialist Gatley Woodworm Treatment

A woodworm infestation will immediately set alarm bells ringing for the person who discovers it. Indeed, the visible symptoms of woodworm generally mean that the pests have been in the wood for quite some time; possibly even up to several years. The good news, however, is that they can be dealt with by Young's Pest Control.

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingTreatment for woodworm removal depends on which stage the woodworm infestation is at. The infestation will generally be at one of the four main stages:

  • Eggs
  • Larva
  • Pupa
  • Adult beetles

Home treatment techniques, such as Gatley woodworm treatment spray over the counter, are insecticide heavy and will prove largely ineffective. Additionally, you may use Gatley woodworm removal treatment furniture or flooring products and end up killing the beetles, but not taking care of the larva...meaning you'll simply be forever repeating the cycle.

The safest and most effective option is to call in a professional company such as Young's who will be able to provide a bespoke treatment for woodworm based on a thorough check of the infestation.

The signs of a woodworm infestation are varied but will be noticeable. They include:

  • Woodworm Damage

    Woodworm Damage

    Exit holes in wood

  • Tunnelling throughout wood
  • Fresh wood dust below the infected timber
  • Weak and damaged flooring
  • Larvae and eggs on the wood (harder to spot)
  • Dead beetles
  • Adult beetle movement throughout Spring and Summer

The immediate effect of an infestation is the inconvenience; however, the long term effect of these pests can be serious structural damage, particularly in older houses with more wood in their structure. Woodworm can be attracted by any manner of different woods, so no one person is more or less likely to come across these. They are simply attracted to wood; it provides a warm, safe and dry environment for them to thrive in, and if the circumstances are right, they can stay for years.

With Young's Pest Control we can provide more than just a basic Gatley woodworm treatment spray. Our service is all-encompassing; we will work out the root of the infestation, destroy the pests and their eggs and larvae, and clean up the mess that they have left. This can all be done around you, allowing you to carry on as normal whilst we will treat your furniture, flooring or any other area that they have burrowed into.

Our service is available day or night, 7 days a week. If you feel you have the signs of an infestation, call us, and we will attend promptly, with expertly trained staff who can identify if the problem is indeed woodworm, and where they have set up camp. We will take the headache out of the problem and save you having to worry about which treatment is best; we'll provide a bespoke service and help you put measures in place to stop the problem coming back. Your pests, and the annoyance they bring will soon be a thing of the past.