Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Firswood Bumblebee Hive Removal   

Bumblebees are a type of bee usually found in most areas during the warmer months, starting fromFirswood Bumblebee Nest Removal February to march. These bees can be a massive problem for people because they will move into homes and other buildings to find shelter, food, and water. Suppose you have bumblebees living in your home or garden. In that case, it's crucial to take action as soon as possible because these bees tend to be aggressive when protecting their nests, each bee can sting multiple times without dying, so imagine if the whole nest attacks you, and what's worse if you suffer from an allergy to bee venom, numerous stings can trigger anaphylactic shock, which if not treated immediately can be fatal thus Firswood Bumblebee nest removal near me is imperative to keep your family safe we will dispatch an exterminator promptly to get rid of Bumblebees.

Some common symptoms of anaphylactic shock include hives all over the body, difficulty breathing, vomiting blood, loss of consciousness or coma.

Bumblebees usually build their nests in concealed locations that are protected from weather conditions. For example, a bumblebee nest under a roof will be close to a wall and on the side of the house where it doesn't get too much sunlight or rain. They can include bird boxes, roof spaces, behind fascia boards, compost heaps, and cavities in walls or trees. Even cracks in the wall are ideal for them. This Is just a guide, and they can pretty much nest anywhere on the property.

Buff tail bees are types of bees that are commonly found in the UK. Their distinctive colours and markings Firswood Bumblebee Nest Removalcan identify them. Field cuckoo bees are black with a yellow band on their thorax, while buff tail bees are ginger with a white band. These species are social bees and live in colonies of around 50-200 individuals. They nest in the ground, typically in long grass or meadows. These bees can sting, but they are not aggressive and will only do so if they feel threatened.

The Early bee (Bombus pratorum) is a small, black and yellow bee that is found throughout the United Kingdom. It is one of the first bees to emerge in the spring and can be seen flying around fields and gardens, searching for nectar. Unlike other bees, these do not sting unless mishandled, or their nest is disturbed. Their colonies range in size from 10 to 50 bees, and their nests are made of soft materials like grass, moss, or wax. Early bees fly from March to September, and they prefer to nest in sunny areas near flowers.

The Field cuckoo bee is a beautiful, brightly-coloured species of bumblebee. They are about 15-20 mm long and are mostly black with yellow stripes on their head and thorax. They nest in open areas like meadows and fields and will sting if disturbed. Field cuckoo bees typically form colonies of around 50-300 individuals.

Field cuckoo bee nests can be identified by their seemingly-random orientation in an open area. Their nests usually consist of a single entrance covered with a round ball of pollen and nectar, transporting them from flowers to the nest.

If you are experiencing a bumblebee infestation, contact a professional, such as Firswood BumblebeeFirswood Bumblebee Nest Removal nest removal near me. We not only get rid of bumblebees, but Firswood Bumblebee hive removal can also help you identify any potential causes of the infestation so that you can prevent it from happening again in the future. Have you tried using DIY methods to remove bumblebees? If so, please share your experiences in the comments below. We would love to hear about them!