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Professional Farnworth Woodworm Treatment Spray

For any property that is made of or contains timber, woodworm is always going to be of concern. Therefore, for someone who suspects they have it in their property, what steps can they take to successfully fight back against this pest?

In essence, what this article is about is taking you through answers to questions you might have in the hope that you can make the right decisions to successfully eradicate a woodworm infestation.

To this end, useful information such as the key identifying features of an infestation and the problems an infestation may present you with will inform you on ultimately the most sensible choice, which is to seek treatment for woodworm removal with Young’s Pest Control, a company experienced in Farnworth woodworm treatment furniture products.

Some interesting facts about woodworm

holzwurm• A single larva can reside in an infested piece of wood for up to seven years. Its ultimate aim is to gain sustenance and take on the water whilst growing and maturing into a pupa, the penultimate form before a fully-formed beetle.
• A common misconception is that when people think about the types of wood affected by this infestation, they think of old, rotten and neglected timber. Whilst some species do prefer this, such as the House Longhorn beetle, most seek-out newly cut pieces that contain plenty of moisture and nutrients.

Do you have a woodworm infestation?

An infestation can go on for quite some time before any immediately obvious signs present themselves, owing to the fact that the larvae bore holes in wood under the surface. Therefore, it’s important to recognise the eventual indications of an infestation so as not to waste any more time and apply Farnworth woodworm treatment spray. These indicators are:

Woodworm Damage

Woodworm Damage

• Small boreholes on the surface of an affected piece of wood, the size of which is determined by the species responsible, which is one reason why calling in the services of Young’s Pest Control is vital; their experts will know, from the size of any borehole, which species they are dealing with and therefore the extent of the problem.
• An infested piece of timber could potentially become structurally compromised, which is a concern if that piece of timber acts as a support beam. Again, it’s important to be sure that this is not the case by consulting the professionals at Young’s Pest Control for Farnworth woodworm treatment furniture products.

Treatment for woodworm removal

When you call Young’s Pest Control, their professionals will survey the problem and put a plan into action. A survey involves determining the species, which can indicate the extent and severity of a problem, checking to see whether the infestation is still active, testing which affected pieces of wood are beyond repair and deciding where to treat with Farnworth woodworm treatment spray. An effective plan can then be drawn up.

As you can see, this process involves knowledge, experience and expertise, all of which you will get if you call Young’s Pest Control.