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Professional Farnworth Mole Trapping and Control Services

Mole in a molehillMoles can cause considerable damage to sports fields, fairways and greens, formal gardens, lawns and turf. Their tunnelling also harms the roots of plants and can expose debris which can damage machineries such as mowers and strimmers. Moles are able to create as much as four metres of tunnel per hour and rectifying the damage caused by moles can be expensive and time-consuming for gardeners and groundsmen.

Some people are prepared to live with a small mole presence in their garden but for others, they are a real nuisance. For businesses such as golf clubs, bowling greens and sports fields, moles can represent a serious threat to profit levels and need to be dealt with efficiently and effectively. For many residential gardeners, the visible damage caused by moles is unsightly and unacceptable.

If you have a problem with moles it is best to act as soon as possible before a population becomes established and the damage becomes more significant. At Young's Pest Control we will have the Farnworth mole trapping and control solution to suit your needs from live traps to large scale fumigation.

How do we deal with moles?
There are two main methods of mole control: mole trapping and fumigation. Humane mole trapping is the preferred method, particularly for smaller populations and residential infestations, but is not always possible.

For larger populations that need to be dealt with immediately, for example for businesses that are being affected by moles, fumigation is usually the best option. Fumigation deals with the problem quickly and thoroughly.

Once the Farnworth mole control problem has been dealt with we are also able to offer some practical advice on how to deter moles from repopulating the area.

Full size moleAs well as Farnworth mole trapping and control, Young's Pest Control also deal with rats and mice, squirrels, insect infestations (moths and cockroaches for example), bees, wasps and birds.

Some species which can be a nuisance, such as bats, are legally protected and can't be trapped or removed. In such cases, we are able to offer helpful advice on how to deal with the problem without breaking the law.

For us, at Young's Pest Control no problem is too big or too small and we have years of experience of dealing with all kinds of mammal, rodent and creepy-crawly infestations. If it moves we can sort it.

We offer a 24-hour service and use discreet, unmarked vans to avoid any embarrassment.