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Professional Farnworth Grey Squirrel Control Services

Grey squirrel infestations need to be treated seriously. Grey squirrels can cause damage to your property by chewing through pipes, furniture and cables. They are also a potential health hazard to you and your family. If you suspect a squirrel infestation has taken place on your property then it is recommended that you contact the professional Farnworth grey squirrel control technicians at Young's Pest Control.

Signs Of A Grey Squirrel Infestation

One of the first indications of a squirrel infestation is the sound of scratching behind the walls or from the attic. However, these sounds can be produced by other pests including insects. Therefore it is important to hire a professional Farnworth grey squirrel control service in order to properly determine the nature of your infestation.

Identifying The Grey Squirrel

Grey squirrel pestThe grey squirrel can be identified by the following features:

* Predominately grey fur
* White underside
* Large bushy tail

Legally Removing Squirrels From Your Property

Squirrels are protected species in the United Kingdom. That is why it is critical that they are removed by a professional Farnworth grey squirrel control service. Young's Pest Control has the knowledge and equipment to safely remove the squirrels without causing them harm or damage to the property. Attempting to end a squirrel infestation yourself through the use of traps or bait, could lead to legal problems. Make sure to protect yourself by using the service of Young's Pest Control.

A Full Inspection Of The Property

Grey squirrel on benchYoung's Pest Control will be able to do a full inspection of the property to identify the nature and source of your squirrel infestation. They will ensure that every area where the infestation has occurred is treated. All treatments will use live baits in order to safely and legally remove the squirrels from your property without harming them. In addition to removing the squirrels from your property, our trained Farnworth grey squirrel control technicians will be able to provide advice on how to squirrel proof your property in order to prevent future infestations.

Young's Pest Control technicians will arrive in your property in an unmarked van so that your squirrel infestation will remain private. Our experienced and friendly squirrel removal technicians will be able to fully explain the squirrel removal process. Call Young's Pest Control to end your squirrel infestation today.