Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Professional Farnworth BumbleBee Control

Bumble Bee on flowerWhen it comes to identifying and removing bumblebee nest Young's Pest Control experience is second to none. Young's pest control is always able to identify and remove bumblebee colonies from your property. Young's pest control will remove any bumblebee nest no matter where it is located or how large. Young's Pest control offers a low, fixed-rate fee for all of our bumblebee nest removals. If you have a bumblebee problem on your property make sure that it is removed by professional, qualified Farnworth bumblebee control technicians.

Removing BumbleBee Nests From Your Property

Bumblebees are a common sight throughout UK gardens during spring and summer. While bumblebees have a friendly reputation they can be aggressive when the hive is disturbed. Tree bumblebees have been a particularly problematic species over the last few years. Tree bumblebee drones like to hover in a group surrounding the hive. Tree bumblebees are also more likely to sting than the common UK bumble ee. One of the easiest ways to identify the tree bumblebee is by the appearance. The colouration of tree bumblebees is distinct from the UK common bumble bee. They can be identified by the whitetail an orange thorax.

What To Do If You Find A BumbleBee Nest

If you detect bumblebees on your property then the first thing you should do is contact Young's pest control. Young's pest control will be able to assess your situation over the telephone and explain the best way to proceed. If the situation is an emergency we can dispatch a Farnworth bumblebee control professional with an hour. Young's pest control is available every day of the weekend can attend your problem even if you are not at your home.

The Danger Of Amateur Farnworth BumbleBee Control

Bumble BeeIt is important not to use amateur Farnworth bumblebee control treatments on your property. These DIY bumblebee nest removal treatments are potentially dangerous for pets and children. Young's pest control uses a treatment which sedates the colony rather than aggravates them. If you want your bumblebee nest removed safely and without endangering your family you should contact Young's pest control. We guarantee that our Farnworth bumblebee removal is completely safe.

This summer make sure you can enjoy the pleasures of your garden and home. Don't allow a bumblebee colony to ruin this very enjoyable time of the year. Young's pest control can have your bumblebee nest removed quickly and efficiently. Call now and see how Young's pest control can help you with your bumblebee nest.