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Professional Failsworth Mole Trapping and Control Measures

Moles Causing You Garden Woes?

Mole in a molehillMoles live off insects, grubs, and their main diet is earthworms. Earthworms of course are found in soil. . . which is where moles 'work' and live. Mole trapping is very common in the UK, and Young's Pest Control does it often.

Moles leave behind underground trails which can be unsightly as well as being a potential hazard to homeowners if there are lots of them. With our Failsworth mole trapping and control services, this will be a problem, you won't have to deal with.

Dangers of Moles

Moles can attack plants, and small animals if a mole encounters one above ground, posing a risk to cats and small dogs. A female mole can have up to 6 babies a year, meaning if the problem is not remedied a pair of moles can quickly become 8 in a single spring. Mole control keeps their numbers in check ensuring the ecological balance of your garden is intact and beautiful.

How Failsworth Mole Trapping Helps

Failsworth mole trapping will ensure that the removal of these pests is as humane as possible and Young's Pest Control has the right equipment for mole pest control. It is best to call in professional assistance such as our staff at Young's Pest Control.

Mole Encounters

Full size moleIf you encounter a mole, back away! If cornered, they can attack. A mole looks somewhat like a gopher, but it has a long snout which bears some resemblance to a boar's nose. Moles can grow twelve to eighteen centimetres long, with sharp teeth and pink, fingerlike claws. Scientists don't know a lot about moles, mainly because they can eat up to the equivalent of their entire body weight (up to 130 grams) each day, making it hard to study them without vast amounts of food. Additionally, they would rather spend their time underground. When tunnels collapse or electric wire or other pipes show signs of being cut or leaking may be your first-mole indicator.

Moles Are Blind

Moles can detect light with their eyes but that's about it, and they have no ears. Their earholes, covered by the skin, manage to work remarkably well and they have acute hearing, though what they hear could be different than what we hear - sounds and tones more than crisp sharp noises.

Mole control goes better when you get Young's Pest Control to do the job.