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Failsworth Ant Infestation Removal Experts

Black antThere are two main species involved in ant infestation. If you have either then you know how absolutely uncomfortable they can make your life at home, work, or in the garden when you are trying to take a well-deserved nap on a Sunday afternoon. An ant infestation in a house is especially uncomfortable.

Pharaoh's Ants and Black Garden Ant Control

Pharaoh's ants and Black Garden ants can be found inside your home, vehicle (less common), garage, office, essentially anywhere they have a food source. If you have a flying ant infestation, this will need ant control and Failsworth ant infestation removal just the same as any other type of ant infestation.

Pharaoh's ants are so named because they have a set of small fore-wings attached to a pair of rear wings which give them a bit more of a 'regal' look as though they are wearing a small cape, and the worker ants can be yellow-brown in colour. Though they have wings, they do not fly. The queen Pharaoh's ant loses her wings after mating.

Pharaoh's ants are foraging types which like meat, dairy products, and truly disgusting things in hospitals if there is a flying ant infestation. They will happily eat blood, intravenous fluids, faeces and urine, wound dressings both clean and soiled, all sorts of packing materials. Pharaoh's ants will bite children. They are known as carriers of pathogenic organisms.

Black Garden Ant Infestation in House

AntsBlack ants are not black, they are dark brown in colour with the queen being a more light brown colour. They have a bit of a sweet tooth so if you have spilt honey or left the sugar out anywhere, they will rapidly be attracted to this source of food. Black ants can be a real nuisance in the home, and hard to get rid of. When they walk across the floor to a food source such as your spilt honey or sugar they leave a light scent trail for all the other ants to follow. Merely sweeping up the sugar won't be enough, and even destroying the scent trail won't stop them once they are inside. The nests have to be killed as the colonies grow rapidly and one ant inside always means more than you don't see.

Young's Pest Control has proven experience dealing with ants and finding their nests in order to obtain correct Failsworth ant infestation removal treatment. Ring us up today, and you will be pleasantly happy with the results - guaranteed.