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Professional Eccles Woodworm Treatment Spray

During the period between May and October, small wood-boring insects will emerge from their timber homes and take flight in search of a mate. The successful ones will lay their eggs in the crevices of wooden structures from which larvae will develop and wreak havoc on the timber they inhabit.

Often, these wooden structures are trees and branches on the ground, but what we are concerned with in this article is where beetles lay their eggs in man-made structures, affecting their appearance or functionality.

In cases such as these, stopping the spread of a woodworm infestation is down to companies like Young’s Pest Control, who use their years of experience to survey and tackle this pest known as woodworm with Eccles woodworm treatment furniture spray.

The life cycle of a woodworm

As was just mentioned, at a certain time of the year species of wood-boring beetle will look for a mate and subsequently lay eggs in wooden objects. This act commences the start of one of four stages in the cycle.
• Egg stage
• Larva stage
• Pupa stage
• Beetle stage

A beetle pushes its eggs into crevices to protect them, and at about two weeks they will hatch down into the wood to form what are called larvae. For anywhere from 2 to 5 years, they will bore straight holes in wood to gain nourishment and, when ready, transform into a pupa.

Ensuring your safety

An infestation can be both a nuisance and a danger, depending on what is affected. As any type of wood can be infested, from hard to soft, it should be no surprise that a range of household objects can be susceptible such as furniture, floorboards and joists. In the case of furniture, this is a cosmetic concern as any visible wood might show holes and dust. However, for joists, or any supporting wood for that matter, the structural weakening effects of woodworm would be a cause for concern.

Therefore, when it comes to safety you don’t want to take any chances with DIY Eccles woodworm removal treatment spray. Using the services of Young’s Pest Control will ensure the job is done correctly with Eccles woodworm treatment furniture applications.

A company experienced in the treatment for woodworm removal

Woodworm Damage

Woodworm Damage

Stopping a woodworm infestation in its tracks is vital for controlling an affected area, but doing so requires:

• Knowing how to spot a certain species and therefore how big a job you have on your hands; the Common Furniture beetle bores smaller holes than other species so spotting this species will usually indicate less drastic measures are required.
• The experience that comes from countless successful jobs as you will know the effects of a certain treatment for woodworm and which Eccles woodworm treatment spray services are best for particular infestations.

These are things that the exterminators at Young’s Pest Control have developed from working in the business for many years. If you call around their professionals, you will also be calling round years of experience, expertise and proficiency.