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Eccles Grey Squirrel Control

Prolific Pests - Squirrels are Rodents

You are likely very familiar with the rodent pest known as the squirrel. It is due to overpopulation of the grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) that squirrels have gotten a bad name and squirrel removal has become so frequently required.

Squirrel pest control
Grey squirrel on bench
Eccles grey squirrel control is important because this is an overpopulated species that some say are causing the decline of the red squirrel. Young's Pest Control knows this is an issue for homeowners.

What Do You Mean Squirrels are Rodents?

A member of the rodent family, squirrels are furry mammals have bushy tails and large black eyes and rounded ears. Usually, they are very active during the day, and you can see them scampering through the trees and grounds of parks as well as forests. These are not the same as ground squirrels, although they are also not flying squirrels. Now that they are attacking homes, Eccles grey squirrel control and squirrel removal have become an everyday occurrence for many homeowners.

Is Anywhere Squirrel Free?

Grey squirrel pestAside from the homes and businesses of our satisfied customers, the only other places in the world which do not have a squirrel problem are Australia, Madagascar, and very south of South America. The word squirrel comes from two Greek words which mean shadow tail, this is because their large bushy tails curl over their backs and look as though they are providing the squirrel with shade.

How To Find Them

Mainly active during daytime hours, it is easy to see and hear squirrels when they are about. If you don't hear chewing and scratching, you may hear them scolding one another. Squirrels are very talkative, they will make chirps, whistles, and chittering noises. Squirrels can be territorial and will defend their territory and their sources of food. They like to live in holes in trees but will also build nests called dreys.


1. Will eat bird's eggs and steal live chicks for food
2. Store food, and sometimes forget where they left it (leading to rotting food problems)
3. Trees - love the sap underneath the bark and will effectively strip tree bark to the point of killing the tree just to get to the sap
4. Able to cut through electrical and other cables with their sharp, ever-growing teeth
5. Can rip apart fabrics including automotive upholstery and lawn furniture covers
6. Sometimes so much roof damage that a new roof is needed

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