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How to get rid of an ant infestation once and for all

AntsAnts build their nests in and around houses and they can be spotted by the mounds of soil, dirt or brick dust they create when making their habitats. Ants are social creatures and have workers, males and queens in their colonies - which can be made up of thousands of insects. Once a year, the younger queens fly to mate with male ants from other colonies, and this can cause a flying ant infestation at your property. These queen ants, once they have mated, lose their wings and start new, fresh nests. This annual re-creation of new colonies could increase the numbers of insects in your home, so thorough Eccles ant infestation removal should be carried out to prevent this from happening.

Do-it-yourself ant control can be effective for small numbers of insects. For larger ant infestation in house or gardens, calling in a professional Eccles ant infestation removal company is the best advice. They know the type of ants present and their traits, and so will be able to use the correct insecticides and procedures to get rid of them quickly, cleanly and in a way that is safe for both your family and pets.

Why do I need to get rid of ants?

Black ant- They can cause damage to lawns and flower beds. The mounds they leave behind in grass can damage lawn mower blades as well
- Before they enter your kitchen and walk along with your worktops, they may have been inside rubbish bins or other filthy places
- Once they have discovered a suitable route into your food supply, they leave a pheromone trail so that the rest of the colony can find its way straight there

Calling in a professional and experienced company, like Young’s Pest Control, means your ant control will be dealt with discreetly, quickly and efficiently. Give us a call anytime and arrange a visit to suit you. Let us carry out the Eccles ant infestation removal for you.

To prevent a flying ant infestation, make your property unappealing to insects. Keep food in sealed containers. Clean surfaces and floors of crumbs and leftover pet food. Empty bins regularly and keep them away from your home where possible.

Call in the experts for a professional Eccles ant infestation removal service where you have an ant infestation in the house. For advice for prevention in the future and for all other pest problems at home, Young’s can help.