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Professional Dukinfield Woodworm Treatment Spray

Woodworm is the name given to the different species of wood-boring beetles. There are different woodworm species in the UK such as the Deathwatch beetles, House Longhorn beetles, Waney Edge Borer, Powderpost beetles, Common Furniture beetles, and Woodboring Weevils. The commonest species is the Common Furniture beetle.

Where woodworm thrive

The larvae of woodworm normally hide inside wooden objects such as furniture, floorboards, and different types of timber. Since it has nothing else to feed on, it eats the wood and makes tunnels inside for a long period. As the larvae mature, they chew their way from their hiding place and head towards the light. Mature beetles can be seen around hatches, windowsills, and windows as they try to start a new generation.

Tell-tale signs of the woodworm problem

holzwurm• Dying or dead beetles around the property
• Beetles around windowsills, hatches, and windows
• Fine dust on furniture and timber surfaces
• Galleries and tunnels in wooden surfaces
• Weak, crumbling, or damaged wood or floorboards
• Round, small holes on timber surfaces and on furniture

Why treatment for woodworm is important

It is important to treat woodworm infestation as soon as the first signs start to appear. If this is not done, the following problems could occur:
• Rafters and joists could be damaged by these pests.
• Structural failure could occur as timber continues to weaken
• Wooden objects such as floorboards, ceilings, and furniture can be damaged, leading to huge losses.

Why treating woodworm on your own might not succeed

Sometimes, people are tempted to carry out treatment for woodworm on their own in a bid to save money. They may, however, end up wasting their money due to the following reasons:
• Woodworm is stubborn insects that hide inside wood where it is almost impossible to find them.
• Trying to treat them using products like Dukinfield woodworm treatment spray only kills the ones on the surface but does not reach the ones burrowed in the wood.
• Do-it-yourself treatment only solves the problem temporarily.
• For treatment to succeed, conventional methods have to be combined with professional treatment.
• In addition, each woodworm space requires a different approach and you may not be able to accurately identify the species attacking your property.

Why you should use professional Dukinfield woodworm removal treatment

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingIt is advisable to hire professionals to handle all kinds of woodworm infestation including Dukinfield woodworm treatment furniture spray because of the following reasons:
• They have the experience and skills that enable them to survey the infestation thoroughly and decide on the best approach.
• They can tell whether the infestation is active or not and advise accordingly.
• They combine conventional treatments such as Dukinfield woodworm treatment spray with professional methods to provide a lasting solution.
• They offer advice on what should be done to preserve the damaged structure.
• They also give advice on what should be done to prevent recurrence of the problem.

Professional Woodworm Removal

One of the reputable professional Dukinfield woodworm treatment firms is Young’s Pest Control. This company provides services to commercial and residential customers. They treat all kinds of woodworm infestations including Dukinfield woodworm treatment furniture applications. They provide efficient and guaranteed services at competitive rates. Their customer service representatives are always ready to receive calls from potential customers.