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Professional Dukinfield Honey Bee Nest Removal Services

How do I know I have a problem?

Honeybee swarmIf you suspect high levels of honey bees in or around your property then there is almost certainly a nest located nearby. It does not necessarily mean you have a problem, as the bees can quite contentedly co-exist and cause no trouble. Nevertheless, problems start to arise when the honey bees begin to swarm all in one area and thousands become visible. This can lead to serious health risks in sensitive locations. Another problem is when the bees build their nest in a wall cavity or within the roof of a property. When these problems arise it is sensible to call us and have the nest removed and relocated.

Removing Bees from Private and Commercial Properties

Do not try to relocate the honey bee hive yourself because stings can often lead to unexpected reactions and sometimes anaphylactic shock. We are the leading experts in Dukinfield honey bee nest removal and bee nest relocation, so please leave the hard work to the experts!

If you are experiencing one of the following problems then below is a bullet-pointed list of the services we offer:

- Honey bee swarm removal- Swarms are removed are relocated and we ensure that this does not harm the bees.

Macro shot of bees swarming on a honeycomb- Honey Bee Hive Removal – if honey bees have decided to make their hive (honeycomb nests) within your property then you should contact us, an inability to remove the nest will inevitably lead to future problems. Honey bees comprise a structure that is made up of sugar; therefore, this is a beacon which other pests will be attracted to. Insects such as ants and flies will be enticed by the sweet smell and it may lead to infestations on a larger scale. The honey structure can also decimate plasterboard ceilings and cause damp problems. If you are currently experiencing these problems then calling us would be the best option so we can discuss effective removal.

- Extermination – if bees are in a location that cannot be simply accessed for removal then we are more than likely to administer a more effective decontamination treatment. This treatment will target the entry points of the hive/nest and will be applied in the form of a powder or a spray. This will kill the bees and bring an immediate stop to the problem.

If you have infestation problems relating to bees then please contact us. We have years of experience in honey bee control and Dukinfield honey bee nest removal. We ensure that honey bee control will be done humanely, efficiently and proactively.