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Professional Dukinfield Grey Squirrel Control

As an invasive special, the grey squirrel has an adverse effect on the native flora and fauna of the UK. Since their introduction to the country, the larger and more robust grey has all but eradicated our indigenous red squirrel. In just over a hundred years, the population of the grey squirrel has exploded from a handful to a fully-established, nationwide presence. Dukinfield grey squirrel control and squirrel removal are essential to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

Grey squirrel pestYoung's squirrel pest control service will address your squirrel pest control needs, reducing the population and in turn, the damage was done. As a rodent, the grey squirrel has a natural need to gnaw. This action causes a threat to electrics, woodwork and timber. Contrary to popular belief, the grey squirrel is active year-round, and as natural food-sources deplete in the winter time, they look to us for nourishment. This causes a problem in the garden with squirrels targeting bird feeders and pet food.

From an ecological standpoint, Dukinfield grey squirrel control is a must. Squirrels will readily feed on bird's eggs, causing a problem for British birds. Fruit buds provide sustenance for the grey squirrel but in eating them, they stop the fruit from maturing, reproducing and providing nutrition to other species.

When feeding, squirrels will gnaw through the husks of our native, nut-producing trees and destroy the kernel within. This disables the tree from reproducing and hinders the production of future generations. Destruction of hazelnuts, chestnuts etc. drives up the price and increases our dependence on expensive imports. Other native trees that suffer include Oak; Beech and Walnut.

Grey squirrel close upIn our coniferous woodland, squirrel removal is also necessary. The grey squirrel will strip the bark from adult trees to access the sweet sap beneath. Their perpetually-growing teeth allow them to easily chew through the outer layers of the tree, causing a great deal of damage. The cones on such trees are also at risk. The pine nuts inside the cones are irresistible to squirrels and they will systematically nibble off the outer parts of the cone until they have consumed every last nut.

The squirrel population can boom in little time. A short gestation period of around 44 days means that one must keep on top of the population control at all times. The professional services provided by young's pest control will help you keep ahead of the invasion and stop it reaching plague proportions!