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Professional Dukinfield Ant Infestation Removal

Ants are social insects that live in colonies. This means that each ant has a duty to perform within the colony. There are over 8000 ant species in the world. Some species such as Garden (Black), Carpenter, Pharaoh, Sugar, Pavement, Odorous House, and Yellow Crazy ants are considered as pests. The most common species in the UK are the Garden (Black) and Pharaoh’s ant.

Ant habitat

Ants can thrive in almost any part of the world. They generally live on the soil and construct their nests under moist wood, fallen trees, or rocks. They can also enter the house in search of food and hide beneath concrete slabs and floors, and behind door and window frames.

Black worker ants dragging vegetation to the colonyTell-tale signs of the ant infestation in a house:

• Presence of a few ants inside or outside the home
• Small mounds on the ground
• Anthills
• Excrement or wood debris (frass) outside or inside the home
• A rustling, dry sound

Why Dukinfield ant infestation removal is important:

• Ants can be a nuisance especially when they frequent the home in search of food, water, and sweet things.
• They cause losses when they raid food stores.
• Some species like Pharaoh ants can spread diseases by contaminating human food.
• Other species can bite or sting people.
• Some of them make the soil dry when they excavate it.
• They can also damage indoor structures when they invade buildings.

Why DIY ant control is not advisable:

• Ants are very stubborn creatures as they are able to build new nests quickly when their territory is destroyed.
• They build their nests in hidden and inaccessible places, making it very difficult to trace all of them.
• Spraying the ants on the surface is just a temporary solution as it does not deal with the root cause of the problem.
• Different methods are used to eradicate different species and you might not identify the species infesting your home accurately.

Why you should use professional ant control to deal with ant infestation:
Black ant
• Professionals carry out a thorough survey of the property to find out the magnitude of the ant infestation and the ant species before coming up with an effective Dukinfield ant infestation removal method.
• They have the necessary equipment and products to handle all kinds of ant infestation including flying ant infestation.
• They combine physical, biological, and insecticide approaches to provide a lasting solution to the problem.
• They advise their clients on how to prevent recurrence of the problem.

One of the companies that offer localised pest control services in the UK is Young’s Pest Control. This company can handle any kind of ant infestation including flying ant infestation. They offer efficient and effective services at pocket-friendly prices. They are always ready to receive calls from potential customers.