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Professional Droylsden Woodworm Treatment Spray

What exactly is woodworm?

holzwurmThe term “woodworm” is a reference to the larvae that bore through certain types of wood during the life cycle of a beetle, providing it with sustenance and water. The larvae use this time, which can be up to several years, to mature into pupae that eventually break out as fully formed beetles to find a mate. This life cycle comes full circle when the female beetle lays eggs in the crevices of wooden objects for the boring to start over again.

This continual process is a nuisance for us humans because whilst this cycle is often confined to the outdoors, in branches and trees, beetles will find an opportunity to continue their lineage, including in wooden structures and furniture.

Therefore, people will want to seek treatment for woodworm in managing and eradicating this problem, which is where Young’s Pest Control comes in. They offer survey and treatment services for dealing with infested properties, using their knowledge and experience to great effect, including for Droylsden woodworm treatment furniture applications.

Which species should I be most concerned about?

Throughout the UK, the most common species found to infest properties is the Common Furniture Beetle. However, this type, along with the Powderpost beetle, is the most forgiving because its boreholes are the smallest, meaningless effect on structural integrity.

On the other hand, the Deathwatch beetle and House longhorn beetle are both species that bore larger holes and are ones to be more concerned about. Therefore, hiring the services of a professional exterminator at Young’s Pest Control is vital in ruling these out and planning out the right Droylsden woodworm treatment spray services.

What factors make a household susceptible to woodworm?

Newly built houses are made of fresh timber, which is perfect for the Common Furniture beetle because they contain all the moisture and nutrients vital for survival.

Also, older furniture brought into a house may contain fresh beetles ready to take flight so these should be checked and Droylsden woodworm removal treatment furniture spray using woodwork treatment spray.

What are the dangers of a woodworm infestation?

Worm holesWoodworm can be dangerous if the affected wood is a vital support piece. In the case of floorboards, the boreholes would undermine their structural integrity, and walking over them may result in you putting your foot through the floor. Related to this, woodworm can also affect wooden joists, which again will affect the structure of flooring.

Why should I seek professional treatment for woodworm removal?

To successfully treat a woodworm infestation on your own, you would need to have the knowledge that only comes from years of experience, such as that of the professionals at Young’s Pest Control. This is because to complete an effective survey, there are many things to take into consideration such as the species involved, the extent of an infestation, what timber is so bad that it needs replacing, and what can just be treated with Droylsden woodworm treatment spray.