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Droylsden Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honeybee swarmHere at Young’s Pest Control, we specialise in Droylsden honey bee nest removal services. We do offer removal services for specific problems on evenings and on weekends. Our dedicated and professional team are experts in tailoring a job to your needs. We guarantee that any job undertaken will be done in a thoughtful and hassle-free manner.

Our Honey Bee Nest Removal and Honey Bee Hive Removal

Our pest control services are deemed to be exceptional and we employ an experienced team of beekeepers. Our task force is able to physically remove swarms within hives, offer examination strategies and explain methods for the eradication of non-protected species.

Important Information about Bees

If your commercial or private property is located next to a swarm or a nest, then you may be at threat of being stung because the bees may see you as a threat. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us regarding Droylsden honey bee nest removal or honey bee swarm removal immediately. This will give us the opportunity to deal effectively and promptly with the problem nest.

Other problems encountered by the general public are: bees creating a nest within cavity walls and bees constructing nests inside of bushes or in roofs. If you suspect a swarm of bees have made their nest in one of the aforementioned areas then you must contact us.

There is a wide variety of species and many misconceptions related to each individual species. Importantly, it is wise not to tackle the problem of removing a nest yourself – leave it to the experts.

The European honey bee (Apis mellifera) pollinating of The Aster (Symphyotrichum dumosum).Only honey bees are a protected species and if a problem arises with a nest, then we should be contacted. Honey bees must be removed in a particular way so they are not unintentionally harmed. Honey bee swarm removal needs to be done by professionals, who possess the required expertise. Meanwhile, other species can be removed in a more systematic and effective manner.

Young’s Pest Control will always seek to re-home bees humanely and extract bumblebee nests carefully. Safe Droylsden honey bee nest removal is at the top of our agenda and we do not intentionally hurt the bees.