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Professional Droylsden Bed Bug Treatment

Who are you sharing your bed with? One thing is for sure, we can be certain your first choice wouldn't be a bed bug. If you need Droylsden bed bug treatment then Young's Pest control is here to help.

Bed bugs are not easy to spot. They are tiny creatures which tend to hide in crevices during the day. Unfortunately, one of the first signs you may have a problem and need bed bug control is when you start to notice bites.

How do bed bugs get into your home?

bedbug- Old furniture. The trend for vintage and recycling means more second-hand furniture is being purchased. Existing bed bugs could be an unpleasant added extra.
- Holidays. It is possible to bring home an unwanted souvenir from an infested hotel bed.
- Neighbouring homes. Bed bugs can travel from adjoining houses.

Bed bugs can bite anywhere on the body but tend to be near blood vessels. Common places for bed bug bites are on the neck, hands, arms and legs. Another indicator they may be bed bug bites is if they are all in a line. One thing to remember is that bed bugs are not known to carry disease or infection but the bites can be itchy and uncomfortable not to mention embarrassing. Some people can react badly and develop a painful rash so Droylsden bed bug treatment is essential.

Obviously, once you suspect you have an infestation then Droylsden bed bug treatment is going to be a top priority but what signs should you be looking out for?

- Sightings of live insects.
- Black specks of pepper like faecal matter.
- Blood spots.
- Clusters of eggs.
- Often a sweet sickly odour.

Bed bugs do tend to be found in bedrooms and sleeping areas as they need a nightly meal of blood to survive. Body heat and carbon dioxide guide them to their target. Although they are called bed bugs for a reason, they are not confined to the mattress. Other areas to check include:

Bed Bug Treatment- Carpets and underlay.
- Joints of wooden floors.
- Joints of bed frame/headboard.
- Skirting boards.
- Behind peeling wallpaper.
- Wardrobes, cupboards and drawers.

Bed bugs are not pleasant but unfortunately, Droylsden bed bug treatment is not something you can effectively manage yourself. Bed bug control needs professional treatment so call Young's Pest Control who will be happy to provide you with expert advice on bed bug fumigation.

With Young's Pest Control taking care of your Droylsden bed bug treatment you will soon be sleeping easy again.