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Professional Denton Bed Bug Treatment

When bed bugs are discovered, most people want to eliminate them quickly. Once they’ve established themselves in your home, bed bugs can spread quickly, requiring increasingly aggressive control measures. Bed bugs don’t discriminate; they can be found anywhere people live and work. This includes homes, dormitories, hotels, motels, apartments, schools, hospitals, offices, shopping centres - and the list goes on and on. Bed bugs can be difficult to identify, but if you know which signs to look for, you can begin bed bug control methods before the problem spreads. Note that while you may be tempted to try bed bug removal methods yourself, it's best to have a professional do the job.

What do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed BugAdult bed bugs are approximately 1/4 inch long and are reddish to dark brown in colour. They are about the thickness of a credit card, which makes it easy for them to hide in tiny crevices. They don’t have wings, but move very quickly, and can spread out throughout a space like cockroaches.

Common Behaviour of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs feed on blood, and they feed at night. Bed bugs bites can leave red, itchy welts that may cause allergic reactions. While they prefer to feed on humans, they will also bite other animals, such as dogs, cats, and even birds. They can survive for months at a time without a meal. This means they can continue to live in a home even when the occupants are away, or if the house is unoccupied and awaiting sale. Bed bugs infest new homes by “hitch-hiking” in clothing, suitcases, or furniture. Bed bugs are attracted to humans’ body heat and the carbon dioxide they exhale.

Signs You Have Bed Bugs

  • Dark or black stains from bed bug droppings on mattresses and surrounding area
  • A lingering, sickly-sweet odour
  • Small, dark blood spots on bedding

Where to Look for Bed Bugs

  • Crevices in bed frames and headboards
  • Inside electrical sockets
  • Between floorboards
  • Inside cupboards and drawers

What to Do if You Have a Bed Bug Infestation

bedbugOnce you’ve confirmed the presence of bed bugs, you should contact a professional to look at the problem. He or she will assess the situation and decide which Denton bed bug treatment option is will be most effective. Bed bug control can involve different methods, but the most common and effective method is bed bug fumigation. Your pest control expert will be able to tell you if bed bug fumigation will be performed, and what it entails.

Until the Denton bed bug treatment is complete, you’ll want to avoid spreading the bed bugs by not taking suitcases, clothing, or furniture to other people’s homes. Professional Denton bed bug treatment is the fastest way to reclaim control of your home and life.