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Are squirrels causing you trouble?

There is a perception that squirrels are cute, cuddly animals that add a certain spark to one's home. This may have beenCompstall Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Control treatment true in the late 1800s when they were first introduced, and there were a few hundred brought in to add life to wealthy estates. However, now since then, there are over 2.5 million and have since become invasive species that are recently considered vermin due to their destructive nature and the damage they cause to both our ecosystem and properties, not forgetting that it's due to them that native species are in decline. So if you notice a squirrel in your garden, Compstall Squirrel Trapping can help with getting rid of squirrels.

Squirrels enjoy the safety from predators and the abundance of food human homes provide. They will make a way in through your rooftop, often damaging the roof by trying to gain access. This will, in turn, leave your roof with gaping holes susceptible to water and dampness. Once that has been accomplished, they will start to make a nest in any corner of your home, but our experience has led us to think that they do have some preferences like crawl spaces, roof spaces, lofts, garages and under floorboards.

Compstall Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Control treatment Grey Squirrel controlThey also cause damage to your electrical wires along with alarm cables and CCTV by chewing on the insulation, which they do because they need to file down their evergrowing teeth, and this can result in fires and total downtime to your monitoring systems. Compstall Squirrel Pest Control recommends that you ring us as soon as you spot a squirrel before the issue escalates.

What does a squirrel look like, and where did they come from?

Grey squirrels are native to Canada and America but have thrived and spread in Ontario. They are smaller than their Red cousins, with the females much lighter in colour than the males. They live wherever they can find shelter, such as forests and shelters around people's homes.

The male has a dark grey back and neck, which is lighter on hisCompstall Squirrel Control treatment belly and tail. He has tan-coloured bushy fur on his backside that hangs over a black stripe down his side. His ears are small compared to other squirrel species at only 2 cm and hairless except for long whiskers near the mouth of each ear. The female's fur isn't so different from her male counterpart, with light grey on top that gets whiter as it trails down her belly and towards her tail.

Could they be harmful to your health?

Squirrels can carry a variety of diseases, including salmonella and plague. They can transmit these diseases through contact with their saliva, faeces, or blood or through bites. They can also be carriers of ectoparasites like ticks and fleas. These carry a number of diseases, including Lyme disease and Tularemia (rabbit fever). This is why it's crucial to not only treat the squirrels in your home but to make sure they don't try to get back in!

A good company is essential when it comes to getting rid of squirrels. A DIY approach is never recommended- using the wrong product or technique can actually make the problem worse. So who can you trust? Pest control professionals Compstall Squirrel Control treatmentknowledgeable about squirrel control. At Compstall Squirrel Pest Control, we have years of experience removing these pesky critters. -The Damage Squirrels Can Do: If left unchecked, a squirrel infestation can cause serious damage both inside and outside your home. These rodents are relentless in their pursuit of food or the need for a home, so be wary and don't delay contacting Compstall Squirrel Trapping today