Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Collyhurst Bumblebee Nest Removal

Bumblebees are not suitable to have around the home because they pose threats to humans. Bumblebees areCollyhurst Bumblebee Nest Removal not good to be around people because they attack them or their loved ones and can cause allergic reactions that could be even worse than bee stings. Bumblebees also get into your food and ruin it or get in your beverages which is why you should always close the lid on drinks to prevent Bumblebees from getting inside.

If you get stung and you have any of the following symptoms, it most likely means you are allergic to the venom.

Some common anaphylactic shock symptoms are a feeling of warmth, flushing, itching, tingling or burning sensations in the mouth, throat or nose; dizziness, lightheadedness or fainting; headache; runny nose; sneezing; nausea and vomiting; cramps and diarrhoea. You should seek medical attention immediately. When you have any of these symptoms after being stung by a Bumblebee, then ring a Bumblebee exterminator to get rid of Bumblebees. 

If you are unsure of where they nest, we will enlighten you on any areas around your home which are ideal for them us they are normally found in the ground, lofts, roof spaces, fascia boards, or even places like garages, sheds, compost heaps, crevices, home insulations and any cavities in and around the home.

Now that you have an idea where they can be found let us explore a few common species to understand them better.

The Northern whitetail bee is a large bumblebee that the whitetail can easily distinguish on its black abdomen. These bees are generalist feeders and will forage on a variety of flowers. They usually nest in abandoned rodent burrows or other sheltered locations.

Northern whitetail bees are not aggressive and will only sting if they feel threatened. However, their stings are particularly painful, and they can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

The Field cuckoo bee (Bombus campestris) is a small, yellow bee that can often be found nesting in open fields. These bees are known for their gentle nature, and they rarely sting unless provoked. They typically form colonies of around 50-200 individuals, and they hibernate from late autumn to early spring.

Field cuckoo bees will generally build their nests underground, and they can be identified by the spherical holes that they dig into the ground. A single colony may have as many as thirty entrances leading to a central chamber where the eggs are laid. The eggs hatch within a matter of days, and new worker bees emerge approximately two weeks later.

The common carder bumblebee is a species of bumblebee that is found in Europe and North America. They are black and yellow in colour and typically grow to a size of around 17-19 mm. They belong to a social group of 50-200 individuals. They are important pollinators and can sting humans if they feel threatened.

They construct their nests underground in abandoned rodent burrows, or sometimes under deep coverings like gravel or woodchips, which can provide protection against cold weather and predation by mice and beetles. Sometimes groups of bumblebees will nest near each other to increase warmth during the winter months; this allows them to maintain warmer temperatures.

Collyhurst Bumblebee Nest RemovalSuppose you do find bumblebee nests in your home. In that case, it's important to choose an expert like the Collyhurst Bumblebee nest removal service near me. We offer safe and effective hive removal services that will get rid of the bees quickly and efficiently. It's best not to remove a beehive yourself with DIY products - you may end up causing harm to yourself or others. We recommend that you contact a Bumblebee exterminator for more information about our services or schedule a consultation for Collyhurst Bumblebee hive removal.