Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Chorlton-cum-Hardy Bumblebee Nest Removal 

Bumblebees can be very aggressive when defendingChorlton-cum-Hardy Bumblebee Nest Removal their young or their nest. You should know that it's not uncommon for these insects to sting someone, either because they think you're encroaching on their territory or because they are protecting themselves and their offspring. To reduce risk, don't swat at the bee, but leave the area quickly and calmly not to provoke them further. 

Once they sting you and the nest is aware of your presence, they will all sting you, and what's worse, they don't die after stinging multiple times. Just imagine being allergic to their venom. You could suffer from anaphylactic shock, and the results could be fatal, so call a Bumblebee exterminator before the nest gets larger.

Anaphylactic shock symptoms include:

Wheezing and difficulty breathing are the most common. Other symptoms of an insecticide may include: Choking, Hives, Shortness of breath, swelling of the throat or tongue, tightness in the chest, and wheezing; anyone experiencing these symptoms should seek medical help as soon as possible and call a Chorlton-cum-Hardy Bumblebee hive removal specialist to get rid of Bumblebees.

While these critters like to take up residence in andChorlton-cum-Hardy Bumblebee Nest Removal around your home, we have named a few common locations like garages, sheds, crevices, lofts, roof spaces, compost ins, or compost heaps. They even like cracks in the walls or cavities in trees or in the home insulation. It would be best if you worked under the assumption that they could be anywhere around the home, and to prevent stings, read the following few common types of Bumblebees found around the UK.

The Red Tail Bee and the Field Cuckoo Bee are two of many types of bees that can be found in the UK. These bees can be identified by their distinguishing features- the red tail on the former and the black and white stripes on the latter. Both of these bees are known for their gentle nature, and neither one is known to sting. They live in colonies of anywhere from 10 to 50 individuals, and they nest in holes in trees or walls. The Field Cuckoo Bee is slightly smaller than the Red Tail Bee, and they both prefer to live in open areas like meadows or fields.

The Northern white-tail bee is a species of bumblebee that can be found in North America. These bees are known for their beautiful white fur, making them easy to identify. They are also the largest bumblebees in North America, making them an impressive sight. Northern white-tail bees nest in the ground and usually form colonies of around 50-100 individuals. These bees are not aggressive and will only sting humans if they feel threatened.

Redtail bees, also known as Bombus lapidarius, are bumblebee species native to Europe. Redtail bees have a length of 1.5 inches. Although red-tails build their nests in the open, exposed to the elements, their stings are excruciating. These bees typically form colonies of around 50-100 individuals.

Redtail bees live in temperate climates of Europe and do not appear to migrate. They prefer open spaces for their nests, such as fields with scattered trees. Their colonies are medium-sized compared to other bumblebees, typically around 50-100 individuals.

Chorlton-cum-Hardy Bumblebee Nest RemovalIf you are dealing with a bumblebee hive, it is best to call in the experts. Our team of experienced Bumblebee exterminators know how to safely and efficiently remove bumblebee nests from your property. By saving time and effort, it will also ensure that the bees do not return.