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Our Cheadle Woodworm Treatment Services

The term ‘woodworm’ is a generic term describing infestation on wooden items by wood-eating larvae of different beetles. Anobium punctatum (Common Furniture Beetle) is the most common woodworm species in the UK. It is, however, vital that you note this beetle attacks building timber (floorboards and joists) just as commonly as it attacks furniture. Other common species include:

holzwurm• Xestobium rufuvillosum (Deathwatch Beetle)
• Hylotrupes Paulus (House Longhorn Beetle)
• Lyctus brunneus (Powderpost Beetle)

Why Hire Us?

At Young’s Pest Control, woodworm removal is one of our primary services. We recommend that you call us as soon as you suspect infestation because:

• Our team has the experience and the training necessary to identify woodworm signs. This will allow for early extermination before the problem exacerbates.

• If you already have an infestation, calling us for Cheadle woodworm treatment is essential because we have the necessary supplies, equipment, and personal protective equipment for the job. Not having to buy what is required for extermination means you save money.

• The Young’s Pest Control team understands the laws dictating how exterminations should be done, including the treatments used and the qualifications that should be sought from the relevant local authorities.

• Professional treatment for woodworm removal is vital to prevent expensive property damage. Woodworm infestation treatment also saves your family from bore dust that could be harmful to your family’s and your pet’s health.

Our Services

At Young’s Pest Control, we usually use Cheadle woodworm treatment spray to get rid of woodworm. This is a tried and proven treatment for woodworm since the insecticide in the spray will find its way deep inside the holes to kill beetles, larvae, and eggs. Other than the Cheadle woodworm treatment spray, we will also offer you various other related services when you hire us.

Worm holes1) Discovery: If you suspect you have a woodworm problem, call us, and we will establish if indeed you have an infestation. Our team knows the size and shape of the holes woodworm leave behind. They will also be on the lookout for bore dust, chewing sound and tunnels inside the wood, beetle eggs, crumbling wood, dead beetles, and woodworm larvae.

2) Preventive measures: If, after the discovery process, we find that you do not have a woodworm infestation problem, we will take steps to prevent a future infestation.

3) Professional advice: After the job on the Cheadle woodworm treatment furniture is done, we will give you valuable tips on what you can do to prevent infestation and on early woodworm detection. We will provide you with such tips as the proper indoor humidity levels to maintain, the months when you are most susceptible to woodworm attacks, and how to treat furniture and wooden fixtures to prevent infestation.

We will maintain the highest level of discreetness when handling your infestation, and we will take care of your Cheadle woodworm treatment furniture issues. We offer competitive rates, and we will complete the job within the set timelines. Call us today for a quote and an overview of our services.