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Professional Cheadle Mole Trapping and Control Services

Any sign of moles in your compound should always be taken seriously. Moles can destroy both commercial and residential lawns. They belong in an underground family that burrows and feeds on earthworms. Cheadle mole trapping and control is a difficult task to handle on your own because they live underground.

Understanding Moles

Mole in a molehillEven though some people believe that moles are blind, they are not. It is just that their tinny eyes are covered with thick skin. These underground rodents use their tail balance and sense of smell to navigate around and hunt for prey to compensate for this.

Moles can be easily confused with gophers, voles or shrews. This is the more reason why you need professional mole pest control. Otherwise, your Cheadle mole trapping endeavours will yield no result as you may be targeting the wrong rodents. So, how do you distinguish a mole from other look-alike rodents? Well, they have a distinctively protruding naked nose, and their eyes are masked in fur. In addition, a mole’s feet look like a spade, but it has powerful claws.

These rodents are surprisingly wider than their length (which is between 5-12 inches long). The tail is also another simple feature for identifying a mole. It has no fur, and it’s surprisingly pink in colour. When it comes to food, the rodents feed predominately on insects (e.g. earthworms). However, they sometimes feed on plants and even smaller mice. Their strong sense of smell can lead them to their prey with great precision.

Types of Moles

Effective mole control must also take into consideration the various types there are. For example, there are about five types of moles with different habitats and adaptations:

Full size mole• Eastern Mole - Lives under tree roots and makes two tunnels. Eastern mole is common in sandy soils.
• Broad-footed Mole - Active during the rains and prefer moist soils. These moles are vicious and often survive mole trapping, more so those set without a professional.
• Star-Nosed Mole - Rarely digs tunnels and prefers marshy environments. Star-nosed moles are also good swimmers and hunt their prey in water.

Talpa Europaea, or common mole, is the one that is mainly found in the UK.

Why choose Young’s Pest Control

Moles are survivors as well as highly elusive. Therefore, professional Cheadle mole trapping becomes the best option for every home or commercial property owner. It would help if you did not look further for such services as Young’s Pest Control has you covered. Your mole pest control needs will be handled swiftly and discretely. A phone call is all that it takes to bid your mole problem goodbye.