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Cheadle Hulme Grey Squirrel Control

Grey squirrel pestA grey squirrel may look cuddly and cute running through the park, clutching an acorn and scampering up a tree. Or an animated squirrel may be portrayed as innocent on the television, but grey squirrels have become a large pest in the UK in recent years. The combination of a dwindling amount of woodland with the rapid rates in which squirrels have been multiplying has seen their population soar in a very short period of time. With all these extra squirrels, they have to find somewhere to live, this is often in deserted birds nest but many also find their way into the homes of people and they can cause serious damage and are not very safe to have around. If your home has become infested with squirrels, the only way to ensure that they are completely removed from the property and that they are not likely to come back is to use a Cheadle Hulme grey squirrel control service, like Young's.

Why Are They A Problem?

Squirrel removal is essential if your home has become infested because they can cause a number of problems that can be expensive to fix and can also put you or your family's health and well being in danger. Cheadle Hulme grey squirrel control is needed for many reasons and one of these is the damage that they can cause to your house. Due to their really sharp teeth, they can practically chew through anything and due to their nimble bodies, they can reach nearly everywhere, like the loft or inside the walls. They will chew through insulation like butter and this can be costly to replace and can leave your house much less warm and therefore more expensive to heat. The trouble is that if they are indeed on the walls, they are very hard to detect.

Grey squirrel on benchThe other main problem is the fact that they will also make short work of any wires in your house. This can again, be costly to fix and the law will probably mean you have to call a professional to rewire. Not only this, damage to wires is an absolutely huge fire risk, so by not calling in for Cheadle Hulme grey squirrel control and a professional squirrel removal team, like Young's provide, you are putting you and your family at risk.

Cheadle Hulme grey squirrel control is also essential because the majority of them carry fleas and these fleas carry several diseases which can be contracted by humans easily.